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How To Test Air Suspension Compressor Relay

It could be startling to discover that your air compressor is working fine yet the air suspension isn’t getting the airflow needed to function.

Don’t get flustered just yet;

Have you tested the component compressor circuit? Particularly the air suspension compressor relay. You see, figuring out how to test an air suspension compressor relay can be quite tricky.

But that ends here;

You’ll discover just how to test air izmir escort compressor relay on your vehicle from Vigorairride.

Also, you’ll discover the following;

  • What does the air suspension compressor relay do?
  • Materials needed to test your vehicle’s relay?
  • Sneaky tips on how to test the air suspension compressor relay in a faster way.

If this looks like what you’re ready to learn, let’s get things underway.

For starters;

What is the function of the air suspension compressor relay?

What Does Air Suspension Compressor Relay Do?

The air suspension compressor relay is literally the ignition for the air compressor. It powers on and off the compressor automatically. As you know the compressor should not work at all times, otherwise the air suspension compressor will wear out and damage quickly.

As per standard, in a 10-minute drive, the air compressor is expected to work for 1 minute and rest for the remaining 9 minutes. This process is automatic and the air suspension compressor relay controls it.

The air suspension compressor relay has two sides, the load and control sides. The control side circuit has a lower ampere to the load side and both operate independently of each other.

What Happens When Air Suspension Compressor Relay Goes Bad?

If the control system put in place to regulate the work rate of the air compressor gets damaged and it’s not fixed quickly, the compressor would incessantly pump pressurized air which will in turn flow to the air reservoir and later the air suspension.

If this continues there will be a buildup of pressurized air in the air suspension system which may not damage the air compressor alone but cause the entire air spring system to break down.

But before this expensive consequence results, how can you test the air suspension compressor relay by yourself?

Find out in the next section. escort aliağa

How To Test Air Suspension Compressor Relay

Follow the procedure listed here so you can test the air compressor relay on your own. But first, you’ll need to get the following materials in order to conduct the test.

Material Needed To Get Started

  1. Safety glasses
  2. New air suspension compressor relay
  3. A pair of gloves
  4. Fused jumper wire/ hotwire
  5. Relay tester

For your sake, I will be describing how you can test air compressor relay for continuity purposes simply by carrying out the fused jumper wire or hotwire test.

You’ll soon find out about this but in the meantime; A word of caution.

Getting Started…

The information included here is generic and not specific to any vehicle. I advise you to consult professionals on the factory repair information best suited for your case.

Sneaky tip: If you don’t have the time to test the old air compressor relay in your vehicle, merely swapping the existing compressor relay with a relay of the same design from another of the vehicle’s circuits would save you time and stress.

If otherwise, proceed with caution;

First, consult a repair manual to correctly identify the terminals on the relay,

Now, put on your protective glasses.

Disengage the compressor relay from the fuse box otherwise called the power distribution box. Connect a fused jumper wire between the terminals in the fuse box to bypass the relay. Did you notice the air compressor come to life with the bypassed relay?

That means the compressor relay is faulty and should be replaced (make sure the pins on the new relay match the faulty one) and if after replacing the relay, the compressor still does not work. Then it means, the compressor relay circuit should be checked for possible faults.

Sneaky tip: Once you remove the fuse box, check the relay pins for corrosions or other damages.  You can also give the relay a shake to see if there is any loose armature. If you can hear any sound then the relay is most likely damaged and due for replacement.

Bonus: Follow this infographic designed by Rusty Autos to see how you can check whether your air compressor relay is in good condition by hotwiring the relay.

Other Useful Tips

  1. Ensure you consult your car manufacturer guide when locating the fuse box.
  2. It is always advisable that as quick as you can, fix the air compression relay fault your car has otherwise it will result in even more dire and expensive consequences.
  3. If this seems too much for you to handle, contact your mechanic for help.

This video by Waqas Ahmad also shows a visual demonstration of how you can test the air suspension compressor relay using a Benz W220  Airmatic relay. Find it here;


What Next?

So far so good, we have covered “how to test air suspension compressor relay” in this post. Also, I have shown you useful tips on how you can go about doing this in a relatively safe way.

If you found this guide to be of help, please leave a comment, and don’t forget to engage the use of the share buttons.

Do you have any suggestions on how this article can be made more valuable for other readers? Please make use of the comment section.








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