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How to Save Outlook MSG as PDF in Multiple Ways

Read this blog to know how to save Outlook MSG as PDF Adobe documents in four ways. You can go with any Outlook to PDF migration method which suits you. So read it till the end and grab opportunity.

For an Outlook user, saving the email messages into PDF extension may be required due to one of the given reasons –

  • Necessary to use email messages in presentations, thus would like to first export them into PDF extension to handle it accordingly.
  • Users may have a requirement to share data with someone & colleagues who want to save and secure it from being distorted.
  • The user needs some files for investigation and wishes to use some emails as legal evidence.
  • Users may want to save emails as PDF with Attachments or without attachments for future reference.

The above-mentioned reasons are a few scenarios where users have How to Save Outlook MSG as PDF with Attachments or without Attachments. saving Outlook Email Messages to PDF is simple to be done directly & manually, so frequently users face complexity in searching for an exact solution with quick formula. So here I am explaining possible methods to do the Outlook emails to PDF conversion task that will surely help you to successfully export Outlook emails to PDF Adobe Reader.

Manual Method 1 to Save Outlook Emails to PDF

To export Outlook emails or folders to PDF, you can go with this manual method, but this method is for only Outlook 2010 & the above versions of Outlook because it provides the option to convert emails into PDF, so follow the given method –

  • Install Adobe Reader on your machine
  • Now Launch Outlook on your computer and click on the Adobe PDF option, showing on the menu bar and use the option from the first tab of saving files in PDF.
  • Selected Messages: – This option exports email messages from Outlook to PDF. This option will convert a single email embedded with an attachment (if you have.)
  • Selected Folder: – This option export mailbox of Outlook messages to PDF and also save attachments with emails.

After completing the process, you can get your Outlook emails in Adobe Reader with PDF format and entire attachments will be shown as hyperlinks. To view attachments, click on these hyperlinks.

Disadvantages of the Manual method

  • The mentioned manual method has some drawbacks for the Outlook emails to PDF Conversion i.e.
  • Adobe Reader & Outlook both should be installed on your machine.
  • Due to some technical issues, this process may be failed (sometimes, the outlook doesn’t show the Adobe PDF option in the menu bar, due to technical issues.)
  • This method will work only for Outlook 2010 and the above versions of Outlook.
  • Attachments will surely save with emails.

Method 2 – Save Outlook Emails to PDF directly

  • Open Outlook on your desktop screen.
  • Select mail which wants to save in PDF.
  • Go to File Menu and choose Print function.
  • After that select Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  • If your printer is saved as the default printer then you can save Outlook emails to PDF with attachments. For that go to print options from Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  • Tick on Save attached files of emails to PDF option and click on the OK button.

Note – Repeat this process to save multiple Outlook MSG files to PDF. This method is useful for only a few mails. It cannot save emails to PDF with attachments if your printer is not saved as the default printer. Sometimes, it does not prove a successful method due to technical issues.

Manual method 3 to export Outlook MSG emails to PDF

If you have Outlook emails backup as MSG file format and want to save them in PDF then you can follow the given steps –

  • Select your MSG email and open it with MS Outlook.
  • Now go to the File menu of Outlook and choose Save as option.
  • Save as the opened MSG emails in HTML file format.
  • Then navigate to the saved HTML file and select it.
  • Open with it MS Word and go to the File menu of MS Word file.
  • Go to the Open& Export option. Select Create PDF/XPS option
  • Choose PDF option and location.
  • Click on the OK button.

Note- repeat this process to save multiple MSG files to PDF. It also cannot save large MSG emails data in PDF perfectly. It cannot save emails to PDF with attachments. Sometimes, it fails and doesn’t provide exact migration results due to technical issues.

Alternative Method 4 to Export Outlook Emails to PDF Adobe


To perfectly Save Outlook MSG as PDF and you don’t want to take any risk then you can go with PCVARE MSG to PDF Converter Tool that has the capabilities to successfully export MSG email messages to PDF. For saving attachments, it provides the option ‘Convert Attachments as PDF’ that can save Outlook MSG emails & their attachments to PDF without missing any detailsje0wqoikljojklnj. The app is created after observing your requirements of Outlook files to PDF Conversion so it has all necessary functions which provide complete and exact migration results with all data of Outlook.

It also supports two options to convert files into PDF from Outlook – first is to export Outlook emails into PDF Adobe one by one as per your requirement and second is to export Outlook folder of emails to PDF at once, for quick conversion of all files. The App is capable of unlimited files and size of Outlook emails to Adobe Documents conversion. Still, you have confused about the MSG conversion of the solution then you can Download Free Outlook to PDF Converter Demo that allows you to convert 25 Outlook emails to PDF without any cost.

You can read this blog also for creating logo – https://www.thetechlog.com/how-to-create-the-technological-logo-design-in-minutes-designhours/

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