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How to Save Apple Mail to PDF?

Convert or Save your Apple / Mac Mail emails in PDF Documents

Thinking about how to save Apple Mail emails to PDF? If yes, then you are on the right path to the internet. Here you can view and understand some easy steps to learn the process to move Apple Mail MBOX files into PDF file format along with their attachments.

This blog contains two processes, one is manual and the other one is the professional method (Apple Mail MBOX Converter). Both methods help users to save Apple Mail account data into PDF without any issue.

Apple Mail is the first choice for Mac users and it is the default mail client of Mac. However, this email client is also famous for its data flexibility for import over other email platforms. Apple Mail can save all data into MBOX file format. Most of the users want to secure their email data, therefore; they want to save Mac Mail emails in PDF file format.

Some Related Query

I want to get my Mac Mail emails into PDF file format, but I do not know the exact process for it. Is there any method to save Mac Mail emails as PDF or I have to use the Mac Mail application only to open and view email files?

How can I save MBOX emails to PDF file format along with their attachments? I have MBOX files that are of Apple Mail account, but now, I want to take them into PDF file format so that I can open my emails with the Adobe Reader application.

Manual Method to Move Apple Mail into PDF Format

Step 1. Open and start your Apple Mail account on your system.

Step 2. Now, open that email which you want to save into PDF document format

Step 3. From the menu, you are required to click on the Print option

Step 4. Select the PDF option from the drop-down list, and then, go with the Save as PDF

Step 5. Name that file and click on the Save option

Step 6. Now you can view your Apple Mail emails into PDF files

Drawbacks of Manual Method:

  • You have to follow the lengthy and time-consuming process
  • There is no option to export batch Mac Mail emails into PDF
  • Technical steps can be followed by only professional users
  • Mac Mail application is required

Solution to Save Apple Mail Emails to PDF

With the manual method, there are many limitations in the saving process from Mac Mail emails into PDF documents. To overcome all those limitations and get complete email data into PDF users want to utilize the alternate solution that is the MailsMagic Apple Mail MBOX to PDF Converter utility.

The tool is completely user-oriented and is designed with all required options and sections so that every user can easily process their email data through it. The tool also provides some advanced options so that every attachment of selected email files can be transferred into PDF file format alongwith other details of files.

Different file naming conventions of the software help users to save data in the required manner. Batch Apple Mail MBOX emails migration process can be done through the utilization of this software as it allows users to select the complete folder which contains many email files including large size files.

Free Apple Mail MBOX Migration Tool Download Version

To facilitate users to understand the procedure of the software, users can also have the option to download its demo edition which can be utilized for free. You can download this and follow the steps of the software with the first 25 MBOX emails through a single processing way. The complete process can be performed through the utilization of its licensed edition.


There are many other ways to get your emails into PDF but with the MBOX to PDF file conversion software by MailsMagic Solutions, you can convert all your emails with complete details.

This software is the most downloaded tool and has the widest live using area, you can also have its features through its demo version. There is no charge for this edition of the software.

Not only PDF, but with this amazing software, you can also convert your email data into various file formats like PST which can be transferred into the MS Outlook app. That means you can also perform the process to convert MBOX to PST without any issue. This can also perform the process to migrate MBOX email files into multiple email clients like MS Office 365, MS Exchange Server, and so on.

You can easily follow its steps and you just need to enter the required details for your MS office 365 account and then the tool will save your data into entered account within few minutes.

Read More Blogs: https://www.thetechlog.com/how-to-export-lotus-notes-email-folders-to-outlook/

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Ayush Jain

Hey, I am Ayush Jain I like to share new ideas with online seekers. And always looking forward to understanding more things about technology, software, file migration processes, email conversion tools, and many more. Currently, I am sharing new ideas on the behalf of CubexSoft Tools Pvt. Ltd.

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