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How To Repair Your Aluminium Doors At Home?

There are different types of Aluminium doors such as Aluminium sliding doors, casement doors, tilt, and slide. Whilst choosing a door for home, people usually prefer the use of wooden or glass doors. Though Aluminium doors provide greater protection there is a limitation in the style and designs of these doors. Whereas, a variety of options of style and designs are available for the wooden and glass doors, so people prefer to choose from them. But the trend is changing and a lot of types and designs of Aluminium doors are being readily available in the market. A wide range of door styles and windows are available which can be readily suited to the needs of anyone.

Types of Aluminium Doors:

Slide and Fold:

The Aluminium doors look very stylish in the slide and fold design. This is the most modern style of the door which is not only used for Aluminium doors but is also very commonly used in wooden doors. They take less space in comparison to other doors and allow the natural light and air to come into the house. These are basically stackable folding doors with multiple panels which when are opened just slide back into their panels. You can use them either in small or large spaces as they are best for saving up space.

Casement Doors:

These doors are the blend of a modern style with a traditional twist. The base of the doors is made up of Aluminium with large glass panels on the mainframe. These glass panels provide the perfect outside view and the top of the panels can be opened when it is raining or when the weather is pleasant. These give you a perfect view of the outside world without even having to step outside.

Tilt and Slide Doors:

These are the best option for homes that have limited space. These do not use any hinge or other folding mechanisms but use tilt and slide technology. The sliding is very easy and does not require effort in moving the doors. Since their surface area is made up of large glass panels, therefore, their thermal performance needs to be maintained. This is done by filling the gaps between the pane with argon (a noble gas) and by triple glazing the panes.

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The repairing of Aluminium Doors:

Aluminium doors can give great protection to any property in which they are installed. Storm or other weather conditions can damage the doors greatly. However, deep scratches or other dents can be easily fixed with the help of fillers.

1.      Repairing the dents and scratches:

The first step in fixing the dents and scratches of an Aluminium storm door is to unscrew the screws from its hinges mechanism. Any deep dents and scratches might need a filler to smooth them out. It is preferred not to use a wood filler to do the job. This is because a wooden filler can dry and break over time so it is not the most reliable option. Hence, for this purpose, automotive filler works the best. It is just filled into the dent or scratch and the excess is wiped away.

2.      Smoothing and Priming the door:

People who use Aluminium doors might know already that sandpaper is used for smoothing out the surface of an Aluminium storm door. After the sanding process, a cloth dipped in alcohol would do the job of removing the sand from the surface of the door. After this procedure, it is most likely that you would need to re-prime the surface of your door. Or even if your door was in a pretty bad shape before the sanding process then you would have to apply a fresh new layer of primer on it.

3.      Painting the Aluminium door:

After the door has been repaired, now is the time to give it a new coat of paint so that it looks fresh and pleasing. However, before you start the repairing process, it is important that you remove the caulk which might be around the door. Aluminium doors are mostly painted with latex paint but it is up to you to decide whether you want to fully paint the door or you just want to touch up some of the areas. Make sure that you apply several layers of paint coat so that no streaky finish is left behind. After you have finished all the steps, you are done. Enjoy your newly painted and primed doors.

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