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How To Make Your VPS Hosting More Secure?

VPS Hosting Plan – It is no surprise that website owners always prefer more control over site configuration and experience when they host their websites. Of all the different types of web hosting, a virtual private server (VPS) is the one that provides more customer control. Server settings in VPS are more under customer control, and they can make necessary changes. However, the security of VPS hosting is a challenge that requires technical and maintenance. We have compiled a list of go-to’s where customers can make their VPS hosting more secure. Keep walking with us to know more!

Security Tips For VPS Hosting:

Securing data on a VPS instance is imperative, and customers should follow steps to ensure safety. Customers hosting their sites on VPS can use strategies and follow steps to secure their VPS hosting. Are you keen to know what these steps or strategies could be? Let us dive into them without any further ado!

1. Change SSH default port:

Changing the SSH default port can prevent attackers’ remote access to the server. It is an open port, and attackers always scan an open port to access any server. If the port is easy to detect, attackers will have no issue launching a brute-force attack and entering your server. Do you think how they will access user credentials? Well, they are best at making an educated guess.

The best practice to combat this attack is to use an alternative port for SSH. Changing it will show nothing if any scans are run on the server, keeping your security intact. However, make sure the alternative port you choose is not used or another service to avoid conflict.

2. Choose a reliable and secure host:

Not every web hosting provider treats security concerns equally. It is, therefore, imperative for customers to choose a host that takes security concerns seriously. Choosing your host wisely is something you should never rush. It would be best to buy your VPS hosting Dubai package from secure and reliable web host providers.

Customers always rely upon web host providers to keep the infrastructure secure. However, most of them often fail to deliver up to the mark. Customers should conduct thorough research and compare different options before making any decision. A reliable host is the one who can put the right scanning and monitoring tools in place.

3. Monitor server logs:

Monitoring each activity on your server is crucial to server security. The hosting provider and the customer should have their monitoring features enabled to eye all the logging events. Events like failed authentication, failed uploads, and errors can often report unusual activities, which require monitoring.

Logs like these can be summed up on an analysis report, empowering customers and administrators to see attacks. Administrators might keep an eye on your data, but you should not overlook the task.

4. Disable unused ports:

Leaving unnecessary ports open on your server increases attack chances from outside. There are various ports on the server which you may not require; you better disable these servers. Identify open ports and use firewall edits and setting to disable them.

Most of the server hosts and websites owners do not pay attention to such open ports. When automatically scanned, these ports can be the gateways for attackers to access your server. Why put your server security at stake by leaving unnecessary ports open? It would be tomfoolery!

5. Implement a strong password:

Accessing your network resources through a strong password is always a good idea. Avoid using weak and normal passwords since they can be breached using brute-force attacks. While you are generating a password, it would be best to consider length and complexity.

A general password policy for accessing your network resources is given here. You can follow these instructions to ensure a strong password policy.

  • It must contain ten characters.
  • Accessing highly sensitive data should include 12 characters
  • It should contain at least one numeric number
  • Should have one special character
  • It must contain upper case and lower case letters.

6. Keep software updated:

Latest updates and patches are hitting the market each day. Staying unaware of these updates can put your server security at risk. It is best practice to keep your software updated. Does it sound too complicated? Consider buying your VPS Hosting Dubai package from experts who will stay tuned on such fronts.

Software vendors send updates and patches to keep the hackers and attackers at a distance. Someone not using these updates will let these attackers access their servers. Make sure you keep your software and server updated.

Opt for a Secure and Managed VPS Hosting Plan!

Website hosting can expose your business to numerous perks should you connect with the right partner. A plan’s technical and security aspects often concern owners, so it is best to join hands with reliable web hosting providers.

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Louis Rolen

Louis Rolen is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to TheTechLog, Tekrati, TIM Blog, Explore Inside, and other blogs. He writes about technology, finance, business, marketing, travel, and automobile industry. He believes that sharing ideas and communicating online will lead to betterment.

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