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How to Make an App like Airbnb- Top Features

How to Make an App like Airbnb- Top Features, Development Phase, Cost Estimation:

The gig economy has become more popular nowadays. Many people are willing to rent their property and want to earn money. So for this instance, the designer made the Airbnb app which works like a via between guests and landlords.

What is Airbnb

Airbnb is a travel app designed for apartment rental opportunities all over the world. Airbnb provides a tempting solution for owners of property and people seeking short-term accommodation. It’s a digital platform serving as a marketplace and interactive environment for ‘hosts’, people who earn by letting out their property to ‘guests’, who, in their turn, are seeking to enhance their round-the-globe experiences by booking non-expensive hosted accommodation and having an opportunity to interact with locals. The platform operates in over 190 countries worldwide.

Who opts for this Airbnb app?

There are many people who opt for it:

  • A visitor who wants to experience local people in a new place can opt for this.
  • Sometimes the guest and landlord become friends so they go for Airbnb.
  • An old man, student, Homeowners, empty nesters who have property can opt for this.


Airbnb clone:

There are many people who are willing to know how to make an Airbnb -like app and how much they have spent on it. So here we are discussing this matter. You can also visit this site for top-notch Airbnb clone scripts.

There are some steps. If you follow this well you can easily make an Airbnb Clone app:

  1. Create a business plan:

A Commerce plan is important for your app. So first Create it. Along with it, you have to prepare a perfect business plan to align your business goals and stay organized. It helps you for a Perfect creation.

  1. Find the developers:

Hiring smart developers is very important because they know everything which may be missed by you. While making an Airbnb app as an advanced Developer is becoming beneficial. You can hire in-house or outsourced software developers, they can help you in this process.

  1. Create a user-friendly design:

The interface of the Airbnb application is intuitive and easy to use. Users do not like to use apps with unattractive designs. So always try to use UI and UX design while making this app and make it more simple which can be used by a person who doesn’t know a lot of things about mobile.

  1. Integrate several features:

An app always stands on features. You can get feedback from the users and understand their needs with the help of the MVP version of the service. If you add some unique and advanced features then your clone app will become more prominent and lovable.

  1. Test the app:

When you complete the making of the app it is time to test it. Always check that your app is bug-free or not. It helps you to provide your customers with the best service.

  1. It’s time to release:

Then your app is ready to publish. But be careful about customer’s feedback. Try to update it according to their needs. Always try to include new and exciting features.

Features that you have to include in it:

Airbnb gives you a lot of features. So when you are making an app like Airbnb you should also provide those features. For these features, you also have to spend a lot of money on them. So those features are:

  • Registration

You should give your user the option of registration. In which when your user wants to operate this app they have to sign up with email and password registration. You can provide a ‘Term and Policy’ section.

  • Login:

You should provide them with the option of login in with the help of email, Google account, and Facebook. And also help them with the forgot password option.

  • Search:

For the best Airbnb app, you can provide your customers a search option. For searching a guest have to:

  • Set date
  • Select no of guests

Then they can see the images, descriptions, comments, and more about the apartment.And a render has to:

  • Select the appropriate accommodation
  • Check its availability
  • Send the booking request.


  • Favorites

You can provide this feature to your user. It allows them to place things they like on the list.

  • Chats

Provide chat options as well as audio and video calls.

  • Payment

Various Payment processes are important for this app. Always try to provide your user this opportunity. You can also offer them the opportunity to add and remove credit cards.

  • Order:

Duration is the last core feature. Users choose the apartment or house they live in and can book for the selected days.


With these processes, you can easily make an app like Airbnb. So don’t wait, just do it as there are over 150 million active users from all over the world. You can also visit this site for top-notch Airbnb clone scripts.

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