How to Lock a Door without a Lock

In some instances you may need to lock your doors which may not have a lock. There may be a need to lock doors in a bedroom, bathroom, or any other door in the home which you do not have keys for. Sometimes homeowners may just need a temporary solution to lock their doors when they are off for a vacation. There are many different methods that can be used to fix such problems.

Using a wedge to lock a door

It is a very popular method among people. Since it is simple most people think that it is not very effective. However, it is extremely powerful.

There are two options to choose from when you want to lock your door with a wedge instead of using a lock. You can get wedge shaped door stopper from any home improvement store at an affordable price and use them or you can make your own door wedge out of cardboard. Just fold a piece of cardboard in a wedge shape and you are good to go. Either of the two hacks will be extremely helpful in keeping your door shut. You can slide the wedge underneath the door to keep it shut. You can always choose a rubber door stopper if you are using a commercial one to prevent it from slipping. However, if you want a better method which would secure your doors most then it is better to choose another method in combination with this one. A thick sock would work much better instead of a cardboard.

The advantages of using this hack are many. It is a cost effective method, they are readily available so you can have your door wedge quickly. When the door is supposed to be open you can easily remove the wedge and open it. However, you must also understand that it may not be effective when there are forced entry attacks multiple times and this is only effective on multiple opening doors.

Use a fork

The only use you may know of a fork is that in the dining room. A fork can also be used to lock a door and keep intruders away from your home. To make a lock out of a fork, you have to make a few changes in the fork. Bend the end of the fork by approximately 0.4 inches. This can be done with a plier or a wise and a hammer then cut off the handle of the fork. This may be dangerous as the edges are sharp. Once this is done then you can open the door and the head of the fork can be hooked into the hole of a striking plate. Then close the door and slide the fork in between the teeth or middle tines. The door will then be locked. This method however, will not protect your doors from high force attacks. It is only a quick method to secure your doors without a lock.

Use a chair

If you are looking for ways to lock a door without modifying then you may already know about this technique. Some people may think it is too simple, however, it is extremely effective if it is used in the right way. Under the handle of a door place the back of a chair. The chair can prevent the handle from being pushed down. You may get the best results with an office chair as their heights are usually adjustable. However, if chairs with adjustable heights are not available you can choose the regular ones at your home. This method is specifically for doors with lever instead of a knob. The method will work if the door opens inside. The chair you choose should be sturdy and be fixed tightly under the knob. Since it is not very effective for tremendous force you should go for additional ways to protect your door.

Use a belt

A belt can be used to keep a door shut. This happens when a door consists of a hook and it has a door closer. For this hack, you have to stretch the belt between the handle and the hook. The bolt will stay in place and handle can’t be pushed down keeping the door shut. This is an effective method for bathroom doors as they contain hook and door closers since this method is not effective for working without hook.

Portable door locks

Portable door locks have become extremely popular among people these days. This can be used as an additional lock with the existing door lock. The best part is that it requires no installation. So you can have a secure door in no time. One part of the lock rests on the floor while the other part is under the door. For door opening on the inside this is a good choice for doors without locks. It also ensures that the aesthetics of your doors are not compromised as there are no permanent changes made to the door and do not require drilling and screws to install them.

Final thoughts

This article gives different methods of securing your doors and your rooms with a lock. If you love traveling but are worried about the security of your home during your vacation then you may find these hacks useful. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. They may work for some types of doors and may not work for others. You may also want to consider having smart locks as they offer a lot of benefits. You can browse them at FirstEnergy com.




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