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How to Import Maildir to Gmail Account? Free Methods

As you work to import Maildir into Gmail Google Apps, it’s helpful to have some background on what Maildir is. Maildir is a file format for storing emails that allow each message to have a distinct name. With Maildir, your correspondence is organized into directories and files. The mail server Maildir stores each message in its file. There are three other directories within this file format directory: temp, cur, and new. If you are curious about the differences between MBOX and Maildir, you should know that the Maildir extension is the most recent and subsequent version of the MBOX file format.

The Google application, on the other hand, is a suite of online tools that include things like e-mail, file storage, chat, and scheduling. All Google Apps can be accessed from any internet-connected device. Due to the limitations of the Maildir file format, users may need to migrate from Maildir to Google Apps. Consequently, we’ll be talking about using the GAMMO tool to move from Maildir to Gmail on Google Apps in this article.

Reasons to Migrate Maildir to Gmail Account in Bulk

  • By connecting a Gmail or G Suite account, users may access their Maildir inboxes from a variety of devices, including cell phones, computers, tablets, and laptops.
  • Protecting one’s Gmail account with all of its available security measures is a must. When this is in place, virus and malware scans are made easier. Therefore, it’s no surprise that users prefer to switch from Maildir to Gmail.
  • If you’re on a tight budget but still want access to top-tier software, Gmail is one of the best options. It stores information in the cloud at no additional cost and requires no routine upkeep. Furthermore, we are fully aware that cloud storage is a reliable option for the modern-day administration of electronic mail, documents, and schedules.
  • Exporting from Maildir to Gmail is popular because of the advanced features it provides, such as IM storage, video chat, and a host of others.
  • Also, users can import their existing email addresses from other services, such as Hotmail and Yahoo, into their Gmail inboxes. You may consolidate all of your email accounts into one easy-to-manage inbox with its aid.

Pro Tip: In the manual method, you have to use a tool to convert Maildir to PST format, so it is better to use the direct professional BitRecover Maildir Converter tool than the manual method. there is no need to do any extra import/export process.

Also, users can import and migrate complete data of Maildir in bulk. and users can import data from all directories and subdirectories of Maildir including temp, cur, and new.

Manual Method to Import Maildir to Gmail Account in Bulk

Here I will show you 2 steps to migrate data from Maildir to a Gmail account. Follow both accounts carefully.

Step 1: Convert Maildir Emails to PST Format

Maildir to Outlook PST conversion cannot be done manually. So, if you want to convert Maildir to PST, you’ll need to use an external program.

Step 2: Import PST File into Gmail using GAMMO Tool

Now that you’ve made a PST file, you’ll need to import it into your Gmail inbox. Here are the measures you need to take to complete this job:

  1. FIRST DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (Gammo) tool.
  2. Second, log in with your new account id and password. For the tool to access your Google Account, a permissions window will go up in your browser. Click the Allow option to proceed.
  3. The third step is to choose between using a Microsoft Outlook profile or using a personal storage tab (PST) file in the current window. Here, you’ll need to choose your PST file(s) and go to its location. Choose Open >> Migrate All Data, and then Next to proceed with the file migration.
  4. In the fourth step, you’ll decide which Outlook data you want to transfer. By default, you’ll have access to your calendar, contacts, and emails; any other features are completely discretionary. Once you’re ready to begin the upload/migration process, select the migration button and sit tight until the procedure is finished.
  5. STEP 5: When the migration is complete, select OK and then close the window that appears.

Using this method, you were able to successfully Import Maildir to your Gmail account.


There is currently no way to migrate directly from Maildir to Google Apps that are available. Therefore, to accomplish this, the first thing that needs to be done is to convert the files from the Maildir format to the PST format. This can be done with the assistance of any third-party tool. Next, we need to import the PST files into our Gmail accounts. This can be accomplished with the assistance of the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (Gammo) tool.

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