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How to Import an OLM File to Excel?

Only Microsoft Outlook for Mac can read OLM files, hence it can be difficult to open an OLM file in a Windows application like Excel, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. You can open, see, and read the important data in different OLM files on Windows by following the instructions in this section on how to import the OLM file into Excel.

What is an OLM File?

The OLM file extension is used with the Mac version of the Microsoft Outlook programme. OLM stands for Outlook for Mac Archive file. Only this version of Outlook is supported by the Mac Operating System. The Microsoft Windows Operating System does not support access to the OLM files. You may quickly export your Contacts in OLM format if you are using Outlook for Mac. Following the enormous success of Microsoft Office for Windows editions, Microsoft Corporation Microsoft made the decision to release an Outlook application-equipped version of Microsoft Office for Mac. With Microsoft Office 2011, the first edition of Microsoft Outlook for Mac was released. All versions of Microsoft Outlook for Mac, including Outlook 2019 for Mac, Outlook 2016 for Mac, and Outlook 2011, require the OLM file.

What is a CSV File?

Comma Separated Value (CSV) files are often used with spreadsheet programmes like Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc. CSV stands for Common Separated Value. The files can keep contact information and raw data details in a tabular style. Each column and row in a CSV file has a distinct record. The data normally found in a spreadsheet programme is represented in the text-based CSV format. A newline marks the end of each row and signals the start of the following row and contact. The CSV format is not only used to save contact information; it can also be used to maintain databases and records for any website, as well as for official documents, contact information, etc.

How to Import an OLM file to Excel will be covered in this blog post. In that case, you should convert your files to Excel. read this article. We’ll provide you with a simple solution to this problem. There are two ways to convert files from OLM to Excel: a manual method and an automatic method. Let’s investigate:

User’s Query :- 

Query 1:- “Can I move contacts from Outlook for Mac to an Excel environment? I spent several hours looking for information on a solution for converting Outlook 2011 Mac OLM contacts to CSV format. Actually, I intend to use a Microsoft Excel gateway to access the full business communication system.”

Query 2:- “I want to transfer my contacts from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. I spent several hours looking for a resource that would enable me to convert all of my Mac Outlook OLM contacts into the CSV format. However, the correct method to export contacts is not found. Please provide me with a software to help you answer my questions.”

OLM file import into Excel is required :- 

  • Any spreadsheet tool, including Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc., makes it simple to retrieve CSV Contacts.
  • Any email service provided by an email client can easily import a CSV file.
  • In the CSV file containing details, users may keep an infinite number of contacts.

Method 1:- Manually import an OLM file into Excel :- 

  • From the Import/Export menu, import your OLM file into Outlook for Mac.
  • OLM data loaded into Outlook,
  • select the Import/Export option.
  • Next after choosing Comma Separated value
  • Browse the location where your CSV file saved.
  • Click Finish.

The drawbacks of the manual technique :- 

  • You can only convert OLM contacts to contacts using the manual technique.
  • does not permit conversion of additional data from OLM data to CSV.
  • It is an extremely difficult and drawn-out process.
  • Outlook installation is unavoidably necessary.

Method 2:- Import OLM File to Excel using a Professional Approach :-

The manual approach mentioned above is particularly time-consuming when Importing an OLM File to Excel. Therefore, this approach must be frustrating. In this situation, I’ll advise using Third party tool, Best OLM to PST Converter Software for Windows & Mac.

  • To add the OLM file to the software, click the Add File button.
  • CSV File format is available under Export type.
  • Search the convenient folder to find your finished file.
  • For the procedure to begin, click the Export option.

Key features of OLM to PST Converter:- 

  • You can convert emails, contacts, and calendars into more than 8 different file types using this tool.
  • enables the export of multiple Outlook contacts from an OLM file.
  • provides the ability to filter data when importing a specific OLM file into Excel.
  • Give you permission to quickly preview your chosen OLM file before converting.
  • support for the most recent Windows OS versions.

Conclusion :-

The automated Tool has thoroughly examined by our professionals, and it is simple to import OLM file into Excel without incident. This programme is incredibly user-friendly and includes a tone of extra capabilities, some of which already mentioned. We advise using the third-party programme described above if the user wants to convert OLM to CSV on a Mac urgently.

Read more :- How to Export OST Emails from Outlook to PST?

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