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How to Export Zimbra Contacts to VCF?

Export Zimbra Contacts to VCF

Looking for a solution to export Zimbra contacts to VCF. You may think this task is the hardest, but now we help you change your perception of it. Let us show you the easiest way. Then let’s get ready.

Contact is the most important resource we can have today. And to keep it safe, we usually back it up and use an email account as well. But you have to remember that somehow it is very difficult to get all the contacts from the account at the same time and for this we need a solution

So let’s put it at your disposal now. We offer a solution that can convert Zimbra contact details to VCF. No matter how many contacts there are, they can be exported all at once. 
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Hello, support team. One of the tools you have used to help me a lot with data migration; today I suddenly had to convert Zimbra emails to VCF/vCard. My account contains multiple mailboxes and I need to convert them all. So please give me a solution that can make it work as soon as possible.

Such a request gives us the idea to write something. If you look at the questions, you can relate this case, because they all have the same problem: converting Zimbra to VCF. So now we present you a solution so that you and anyone who needs the same can get it from here.

Export Zimbra Contacts to VCF via Automatic Solution

The solution to your problem that can make this task easier is the SysTools Zimbra TGZ Converter Tool. As you can guess from the name, this program is exclusive to Zimbra, so your data will be moved easily. The software is fully automated and can do the job on its own. It only takes a few clicks and you can convert Zimbra contact to VCF. Implementing this system has several advantages. Let’s go through some of them so you can get an idea of what this tool is capable of.
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One of the biggest advantages is that the process is very small and very simple. It won’t be difficult for you to follow him. We offer you a complete guide to it. Pay close attention because it will tell you how to convert Zimbra contacts files to VCF.

Important Notes:

The Zimbra Converter tool has 2 versions. The demo version is free and allows users to export  25 items from each folder at a time. And the licensed version allows users to migrate unlimited data in one attempt and also improves its performance day by day

Step by Step Guide to Export Zimbra Contacts to VCF

  • To get started, Download Zimbra Converter to your Windows compatible device by clicking on the given link

download Zimbra Converter

  • This utility allows you to upload Zimbra files and folders in dual mode

upload Zimbra files

  • Click the Export tab, then select vCard from the dropdown list

select vCard/VCF

  • Then click the Advanced Setting button

Advanced Setting

  • Click Advanced to apply filters and convert Zimbra files to vCard format
  1. vCard version: Choose the best vCard version
  2. Merge vCard: Use this feature to merge your contacts into one vCard

Advanced to apply filters

  • Click Browse to select the desired destination and save the generated vCard file to your system

Browse VCF File

  • Preserve Folder Hierarchy: This option will preserve the entire folder hierarchy on disk from files/folders
  • Do Not Export Empty Folders: Folders containing no data are not exported with this option

Choose Folder Hierarchy

  • Finally, click Export

Click on export button

Discover Some Features of Zimbra Converter

  • Recognized Automatically: This application is automatic once the whole process is completed. This app can easily find all the accounts you have set up with Zimbra. This feature allows you to upload all your account information at once.
  • Selective Export of Folders: selecting a configured account will load all mailboxes in the tool, now all contacts may be located only in certain folders. Therefore, this application allows you to select and deselect folders so that you can export only the important ones.
  • Select Zimbra Manually:  what if you don’t have an account set up and you only have Zimbra data on your computer? Well, you don’t have to worry; This application has taken into account several situations. Whatever you do, you can export multiple Zimbra data to VCF. This also allows you to manually select files and folders here.
  • Export Contacts in Bulk: the main reason for recommending this tool is that it takes some time to export Zimbra Mailbox contacts to VCF/ vCard, and this is because you can export them all at once. No matter how big your contacts are, you just need to go through the process once it’s done.
  • Zimbra Data Preview: This app is also useful if you want to preview Zimbra contacts. You can check the contact information before converting. However, if you don’t have a suitable app to access Zimbra data, you can use this app.
  • Save Where You Want: If you want to save your contacts in a location of your choice, then this software is for you. The app lets you browse destinations so you can choose a completely separate location and avoid confusing it with other previously downloaded files.


After reading the above information, computer users can easily export Zimbra contacts to VCF without losing valuable old data. This is the simplest technique that does not require any technical skills in converting contacts from Zimbra to VCF. The best thing about using this software is that it correctly handles email attachments and other important components while completing tasks.

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