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How to Draw Pikachu With Easy Drawing Tutorials Step by Step

How to draw Pikachu

Remember funny Pikachu? Some time ago he was a real favorite of kids. Let’s how to draw Pikachu this retro character together! And to add New Year’s mood to him, let’s not forget about the festive attributes.

Everything, as always, starts with simple geometric shapes. We finish drawing the eyes, nose, cheeks, funny ears … and the hat of Santa Claus!

Pikachu is a beloved electric type Pokemon by many, its height is 40 cm and weight is 6 kg. The Pikachu evolved from little Pokemon Pichu. Pikachu can release electrical charges of varying intensity through the electrical sacs in his cheeks. He controls this electrical energy by various methods, which he mainly uses in battle, for roasting berries so that you can eat them, etc. Electrical energy accumulates in his cheeks, and when it becomes more than normal, he grounds his tail and hits currents into the ground. If you see scraps of grown grass, then Pikachu was here and he was getting rid of excess energy. Pikachu has a very well-developed hearing, better than a dog.

Pikachu is the hero of the Japanese animated series Pokémon. Translated, his name sounds like “lightning mouse”. This is a funny and nimble character with chubby cheeks. Drawing a Pokemon is not at all difficult. The main thing is to choose the right process strategy. Use our step-by-step instructions with descriptions and pictures, and you will get a picture with a bang. You will be pleasantly surprised by your abilities. Get started!

how to draw pikachu

Body shape

We start by drawing the shape of the character’s body from the schematic figures. This simplifies the work process. Draw a large oval for Pikachu’s torso. Add a smaller shape at the top. This will be the head. Thus, we get a schematic representation of the proportions of the picture.

You can draw “by hand”, but it is advisable to use a compass.

Connect the shapes

Using a curved line, connect the oval and circle. This is the body of our “electric” hero. Next, we connect the shapes.

Erasing the lines

Erase unnecessary lines with an eraser so that they do not distort the image.


The upper limbs can be drawn as small, elongated ovals.

Also, by curving the lines, convey the specific shape of the nose to Pikachu. Follow as shown in the figure.


The legs of the cartoon character are small, thin. Fingers can be drawn with a wavy line.


Pokemon ears are long, sharp at the end. They resemble bunny ears.


Pikachu’s tail looks like a lightning bolt. This is because Pokemon can store electrical energy. Sometimes it draws an electric current with its tail. For example, to knock ripe apples from a tall tree.

Finishing touches

A few more strokes and the pencil drawing are ready. Draw the facial features of the character. Pay close attention to the changes in the drawing so as not to miss anything.

On the back, the Pokemon has two stripes.


Pikachu’s coat is yellow. The cheeks are red. The tips of the ears and two characteristic stripes on the back are brown. Play with colors and color the character.

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