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How To Do Image Masking In Photoshop?

Photo Editing Services have some unique features containing different methods like no other. Image Masking Service is one of them that Clipping World provides with efficiency. The non-destructive operation gives you the freedom to choose how deep editing or modification you may need.

Getting back to the original form is just a matter of clicking. So, you do not need to worry a bit about turning back. Also, the service comes with a couple of categories to save your cost and time. So, let’s have a little more ideas of this service’s work procedure.

Image Masking In Brief

Photoshop masking service is like an additional face over the existing one. Layers are the most important base of Photo Editing Services. The mask option we apply over a layer or more than one layer depending on the necessity. Soft-edged subject isolation requires only one mask over a layer. For more operations on various parts editing requires more layers and masks along with. Also, various modifications can be applied to the same mask if it is really necessary.

Line of Action

The line of action of Image Masking Services is quite a few. But the editing quality and subject complexity define the work difficulty and expertise. We are explaining the basic operations in steps to make them understand. The rest is up to you and your efficiency in masking. The steps are as below;

  • Creating Selection
  • Mask Application
  • Further Modification/Correction
  • Apply Layer Mask
  • Save

Creating Selection

Selection is the first thing that you need to do for image masking. You can use tools for manual or automated selection. Also, you need to use the Alpha Channel option for hair masking service effectively. And, you can use the Clipping Path option with the help of Photoshop Pen Tool to path and select. The subject complexity, edge type, transparency level, etc. are focusing matters for choosing the selection tool. Well, Alpha Channel Mask is self-sufficient to make the selection effectively. But, the process needs knowledge and experience for perfection.

Mask Application

The next step of the image masking operation is the mask application. Photoshop gives you a mask button at the bottom of the Layers panel. Keeping the selection running just click on the mask. You will find the mask is added with the layer you are working on. Also, you can give a clipping mask service by combining a subject on a transparent background and another background. The second background will be visible through the subject with a transparent background.

Further Modification/Correction

The addition of a mask over a layer is not the end of the operation. You can do further modifications, corrections, changes, or removal if necessary. Photo masking comes with a smart editing option for all the editing we are discussing here. Also, you can increase or decrease transparency, show/hide areas in the image. Moreover, you can use the blend mode for a more specific modification.

Apply Layer Mask

You can apply the mask to the layer where you have done all the editing one by one. Well, this operation is completely optional. Whether you do it or not, the whole activities remain the same. But, applying this option prevents you from further modification on the same photo. The image masking service allows you a non-destructive operation that is reversible. So, you should not use this unless it is necessary to avoid any kind of mishandling. Still, you can go back from the history option of Photoshop if you have already applied.


The final step of the Image Masking Service is saving the file. Photoshop allows you a bunch of formats and options for saving. For regular saving, you can go to File>Save and choose your expected format. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Command+S for Win/MAC for the save window. If you have already saved the project in PSD format, you still can save it in other formats as well. Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Command+Shift+S for Win/MAC to access the ‘Save As’ window. To keep the image background transparent, you need to save it in PNG format.


The Photo Masking Service is a well-known photo editing option for highly difficult subject isolation. Also, the accessibility of the level of editing is truly amazing. The whole operation is more time-consuming but it is ok to serve with premium quality. And, the editing time is lower than using other methods for super complex photos. Well, if you can learn the operation well and practice for efficiency, you are unbeatable.


What is Image Masking?

Ans: Image Masking is a non-destructive photo editing method to show, hide, or modify certain areas in images. The specialty of this method is, it is useful for such subject isolation when other methods fail.

What is masking in image editing?

Ans: Masking in image editing is a layer modification over another layer. You can remove, change, or modify the mask anytime without harming the original image.

How many types of masking are there in Photoshop?

Ans: Photoshop serves four types of masking. And, they are Layer Mask, Channel Mask, Transparent Mask, and Clipping Mask. Well, the whole scenario is quite huge and illustrative.



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