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Mobile App Development

How to Design your LMS Features to Support Distance Learning


In these two years this pandemic has managed to digitize the entire world. No matter how many industries close down , education and healthcare can never stay stagnant for a long time. But due to the technical handicap of many backward communities a lot of schools were closed down due to the lockdown. These chain of events forced institutions to rely more on online and distance learning and here we describe LMS Features for Distance Learning.

What is LMS?

LMS or a learning management system is a software solution used by companies to organize and deliver learning opportunities. It is just like the other software’s we use, like Google Docs for drafting content or QuickBooks for accounting. Hence this shows us that the best learning management systems software should help drive an organization’s training programs by simplifying some critical functions.
Kasapoğlu, Twitter hesabından yaptığı açıklamada, “Ülkemizde yapılacak tüm ulusal spor organizasyonları ikinci bir açıklamaya kadar durdurulmuştur. İlgili tüm birimlerimiz AFAD koordinasyonunda teyakkuz halindedir. Aziz milletimize bir kez daha geçmiş olsun dileklerimi iletiyorum.” ifadelerini kullandı.
It generally contains two major functions :

A server that allows L&D professionals to perform these core functions:
It helps in the creation, management, and delivery of courses and other eLearning material. Furthermore it also works as a data repository for key information on a learner’s journey and performance.
A user interface that is used by administrators, instructors, and learners: This interface operates within a browser or app, which is made easily accessible.

Important LMS Features for Distance Learning to Provide an Excellent User Experience

Every feature should not be online:

With the sudden advent of the pandemic, everyone including teachers and students were forced to move to an online based learning. But not everyone had access to a good internet connection to begin with. Some of the features like live classes or exams cannot be made offline. But pre-recorded videos can be made downloadable and documentations can be made offline. This will increase the performances of students tremendously as they would be able to access more and more contents as the internet connectivity requirement decreases.

Making the LMS high Concurrency Friendly:

This will enable teachers and students to be present on and accessing the platform at the same time. This would provide them a seamless experience with minimum glitches. The Users should be provided with Content development tools: Teachers and students alike will need it. Students will need to ask doubts from their teachers. Being able to upload a photo of the question will be really helpful. They might also need to submit their assignments. For teachers, they need to update their course contents, so this feature is a must. escort bursa

Personalized user experience:

It can be really beneficial for the students. What if a student has no idea about what ‘Limits’ in mathematics mean. Suggesting lectures about integration to him is meaningless. On the other hand a student who has already completed Coordinate geometry, would be looking for some advanced problem practice instead of ‘How many lines can be drawn between two given Points’. Moreover being able to implement Machine Learning and AI technologies into the LMS can help suggest just the right content for the student. This gives a tremendous boost to the User Experience.

Data Tracking System:

This can help the students to keep a track of how much and how fast they are learning, and what are their weak points. Combining it with Machine learning technologies, we can suggest the user content based on what they need to focus on more.

While here were the features that instructors and students will be expecting as advantages of learning platforms, which a mobile e-learning app development company will be able to help with, there are other things YOU – the LMS brand owner will have to note.

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  • If the brand you are working for has a particular colour scheme then you don’t have much choice to begin with. Nevertheless you can modify the colour scheme so that it doesn’t come out as too strong. Make sure the colour scheme is comfortable enough for long time usage with the minimum amount of eye fatigue.
  • There can be users with colour blindness and other visual disabilities. Therefore relying just on texts can be a problem. Hence the use of graphics is necessary. Sometimes you have to go against the set standards, because the goal is to give rise to a good UX for every single person who will be using it.
  • Considering the kind of pictures and graphics you will include is important. Matching your colour scheme with them will provide a better UX and increase overall readability of the content.
  • Use psychological knowledge on your LMS design colour scheme. Bright and warm both colours give rise to excitement and only muted colours are relaxing. List down the areas where you want to draw the attention of the users and try to limit vibrant colours to those areas only.
  • Do some research, what other service providers in the educational industry use as their colour palette. You don’t necessarily need to stick to the set norms. But drawing inspiration from them will give the user a sense of familiarity and they will feel more reliable to your LMS tech.
  • Last but not least , you can use colour theory and use the colour wheel to select a colour palette. It will make things easier for you.
  • Have some consistency, do not use too many colours. Select a colour palette and try to stick to it. Otherwise it can get a bit clumsy.
  • Avoid choosing too many fonts or too fancy fonts. It decreases the readability of the content for many students.
  • Stick to one or two fonts.
  • Make sure the navigation buttons are more distinct than the rest of the contents. Using icons and brighter colours can be beneficial.


Lastly when designing an LMS having some empathy is necessary. Make sure, it helps the teachers and students alike because an LMS cannot exactly function without both sides. Now go ahead, with some ‘design thinking’ create an amazing user-friendly LMS with an excellent UX/UI layout.

Lisha Arora

Lisha Arora is the Head of Marketing of Whizcamp, leading Web & Mobile App Development Company for Startup based in India. She is the chief mentor and strategist with over 5+ years of experience in providing various IT solution to different industries. She also likes to share his view on different technology and marketing techniques via different blogs and articles.

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