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How to Delete PowerPoint VBA Project Password Without Losing VBA File?

Since we offer practical options for completing the procedure without losing any data, this article will be extremely helpful to you if you intend to delete PowerPoint VBA project password. Before going into the specifics of this method, let’s first cover some other important points.
Sometimes programmers and developers forget the password for a VBA project for a PowerPoint presentation. To utilize a PowerPoint VBA file that is password-protected, the user must first unlock it. In this post, we’ll talk about both manual and non-manual choices with our readers.

User Query;

“Hi, My team has given me a Powerpoint VBA project, and my name is Anesea. However, a virus caused me to lose the password to all of my unfinished work. In order to access the project files, I must figure out the PowerPoint VBA password.”

Does anybody know of a tried-and-true method for opening secured PowerPoint VBA files? If that’s the case, please hurry to get me out of here. This helps a lot!

Disable Password Protection from PowerPoint VBA File by Using Manual

  1. The first step in removing the VBA password from a file is locating the file in question.
  2. To extract a file, type “.zip” followed by the “Enter” key.
  3. To access the file once its name has been changed, just double-click on it.
  4. The “XL” folder should now be visible; open it so that the “vbaproject.bin” file may be extracted.
  5. In the Hex editor, the user then opens the extracted file and searches for CMG=…./ DPB=…./ GC=…
  6. Then change them to Gcx=…., DPBx=…., and CMGx=… Whenever you’re through making changes to the text, be sure to save the file and exit the Hex editor.
  7. The contents of the compressed archive should then be utilized to overwrite the current file’s contents.
  8. The user then has to rename file to the desired extension.

Limitation of Manual Approach

This manual approach to roketbahis giriş
finishing the task should not be employed for a variety of reasons. Here are a few instances:

  • It takes a long time to finish this procedure. Users who wish to use this tactic must have patience.
  • Additionally, utilizing this strategy will offer various obstacles for non-technical folks.
  • Without any technical knowledge, the user won’t be able to complete the procedure.
  • Users have lost crucial data on several occasions. There is thus no guarantee that the conclusions will be totally correct.

Professional Solutions to Delete PowerPoint VBA Project Password

The 4n6 VBA Project Password Remover Tool is an option that is 100 percent safe and secure. Users may generate fresh PowerPoint VBA files and unlock password-protected ones with the aid of this wonderful utility.

It is simple to use for both tech-savvy individuals and non-techies. With the help of this tool, you can easily delete PowerPoint VBA project password. Since they are not necessary, it is not necessary to comprehend the details. Finally, it is available for download and installation and is compatible with every current Windows version.

Note: If you want to know more roketbahis güncel giriş
about this topic and this professional software, so click on this link and go to the official page, and read all the information about this topic: Unlock PowerPoint VBA Password

How to Use the PowerPoint VBA Project Password Remover Software?

  1. Download the PowerPoint VBA Project Password Remover Software and then install it.
  2. After that, click on the open button and then upload the PowerPoint VBA files with the help of PowerPoint File option
  3. Thereafter, click on the Action button and then select the remove password option
  4. Choose the desired location path and then finally hit the Save button
    delete PowerPoint VBA project password

Advanced Features of PowerPoint VBA Project Password Remover Tool

A wide range of functions in this program is beneficial to users. The following are a few of the qualities that have been mentioned:

  • The finest and most reliable tool to remove the VBA password from one or more VBA files is this one.
  • It is a fantastic piece of software for gaining access to password-protected VBA files, projects, and macros.
  • The user of this software may create a new password and delete the old one.
  • This fully independent solution allows you to delete PowerPoint VBA project password without installing any other software.
  • With the help of this tool, the user is able to remove any sort of password-protected VBA file.


In the article above, steps on how to delete PowerPoint VBA project password are given. Users are free to use any of the recommendations made on this page. A professional procedure, however, much outperforms a manual one. Download the application to unlock a Powerpoint VBA project. This program is available in two versions: a licensed version and a free trial version.

Learn more about the application by using the demo version. When content, the user may purchase licensing keys to decrypt an endless amount of VBA passwords.

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