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Digital Marketing

How To Create An Engaging Ad Copy For Your PPC Campaign?

Planning and executing a PPC ad campaign are two different things. It is easier to plan out a strategy for pay-per-click advertisements. But it is difficult to execute exactly what you planned.

The most important thing in a PPC ad campaign is the ad copy. The more impactful and engaging your ad content is, the better will be your PPC results. You can prove this by comparing two different styles of ad content – one lengthy and informative, another short and engaging. The latter will deliver optimal results than the former.

No matter how great your digital marketing service provider is, if you end up creating bad content, you will end up losing all your customers. That’s the bitter truth.

Let us focus on how to create an engaging ad copy for your PPC campaign.

How to create engaging ad copy content for PPC campaigns?

  1. Don’t stick to one ad copy: Do you think the first ad copy you have written will be the best one to bring outstanding results? Well, this may or may not happen. It is not always that the ad copy you create will deliver optimal results for the business. Hence, to ensure great outcomes, you should not always stick to a single ad copy.

Create more than one ad copy and perform a split test. With this test, you can determine the best one and use it to advertise your brand online. Experimenting with multiple ad copies is thus essential if you want to run a successful ad campaign on PPC platforms. Analyzing the performance reports on individual ad copy will help you evaluate the better one that works well with the targeted audience. Along with that, you need holistic text ad insights to get visibility of your Paid Ad Copy performance, and it’s necessary to monitor the ad keywords and competitors’ positions. Therefore, with the help of such SERP monitoring insights, you will know whether your ad copy is performing or not, so that you can easily change the content of it and increase the ROI of your paid ad campaigns.

2. Compare between your ad copies: As we said, creating more than one ad copy with separate headings, CTAs, and body content is essential. With this, you can simply compare among them and find the better one delivering appropriate results.

Testing your ad copies is easier. You can perform this by using several online tools that are noted for the A/B test or Split test. Usually, there are two types of tests. One to determine the right ad type for your ad campaign. Second, to drive the right results.

Comparison is performed based on several elements like your ad heading, call to action, subheadings, body content, images, color style, and so on. The better quality elements provide better quality content and lead to a better quality result. Just make a note of it.

3. Add more emotions to the content: While you create your ad copy content, make sure you add more emotions to it. Even if possible, you can overload the content with your emotions. But make sure that is relevant to your brand purpose and marketing goal.

Adding emotions seek the attention of the right audience. even if the person is not willing to make an immediate purchase, he will prefer going through the ad once and show interest in the brand. You can also try this with normal informative and promotional ads and view the performance report. It is obvious that the latter will have less value than the former one.

Think about your audience, learn about their behaviors, their demands, and interests, and put them in an emotional way while designing your ad copy. Instead of being promotional, make your ad valuable to attract more prospective buyers.

4. Never say “no” to keywords: Saying “no” to keywords is absolutely not done when you are creating your ad content. Be it your body content or the ad headline, you must not forget to integrate high-performing keywords into the text.

Try out with the long-tail keywords. They are much more effective than short-tail keywords. Usually, searchers prefer to use long-tail keywords while making their search queries through mobile or voice assistants. Hence, prioritizing long-tail keywords is much more beneficial for PPC ads.


Experts at the PPC management company in Delhi always focus on two things – ad copy content and ad copy headlines. These give a bang on the business. If you want your business to rock by throwing advertisements, you should pay more attention to these than investing in styles and formats.

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