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How to Convert PNG to BMP File Format?

Convert PNG to BMP

If you are looking for the best option of the easiest way to convert PNG to BMP, you should read this article. Not only does it help you transfer .png, but it also holds one of the most advantageous ways to do all sorts of things. Therefore, if you want to know more about this technology, scroll down the page.

Reason Behind the Save PNG Image as BMP

  • Image Quality: BMP is an uncompressed image format, which means that the images are not compressed when they are saved, which makes the image quality very natural and clean. Saving an image as a BMP preserves the image in its original color and quality, so this is the biggest advantage of the BMP image format.
  • Printed Images: BMP is widely used for printed images, i.e. printed images because they are the same as the original and high quality images used for printing. And JPEG or JPG is a compressed image, so it won’t be clear and good quality.
  • BMP is a type of photo. This image format is used in Microsoft Paint. Whenever a photo block is saved in Microsoft Paint. Therefore, it remains in the BMP itself. BMP does not support file compression and is considered the best type of image due to its large size.

Therefore, these were some of the benefits of saving PNG files to BMP. Therefore, we provide the correct solution to help you get started.

The Prefect Solution to Convert PNG to BMP Format

SysTools Image File Converter‘s all-in-one software is the best way to easily convert all your files to BMP. This tool is kirazpınar escort
capable of saving multiple PNG as BMP images without losing a bit of information. The program is compatible with all types of Windows OS including 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and more. You can convert multiple PNG files at once while keeping all your data intact. Using this best application, both technical users and home users will be able to accomplish this task. Users can easily transfer single and multiple PNG files to BMP format using this program.
Now that you are used to this method, let’s talk about how to implement it. Step-by-step instructions are included as a guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Convert PNG to BMP

  • Download and Run Application on your Windows computer

Download Image Converter Software

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  • The software provides two options: Select file and folder to load PNG files

Select Add file or Folder

  • Press Export Options and select BMP Format from the drop-down menu

Select BMP file

  • Press on Convert button to start the PNG image to BMP conversion process.

So here’s how to export from .png to .bmp: It seems like a fairly straightforward process, considering you’re going through a few steps. Let us now start learning more about the usefulness of this tool. To make it easier to understand, we will discuss some of its features.

Extraordinary Features & Benefits of the Tool

  • You can easily do batch conversion of PNG to BMP with this software.
  • It has the ability to selectively save images from PNG to bitmap image file.
  • The software maintains a folder hierarchy when converting from the portable network graphics to bitmap image file format.
  • The licensed version of this application has no restrictions on conversion activities.
  • This program offers the benefit of a free trial version for saving PNG to BMP images.
  • The interface of the tool is very easy to use and any user can easily complete the task.
  • You can manually select individual files to upload to the tool or the entire PNG directory.
  • Users easily convert PNG image file to bitmap image file without the limitation of this tool.
  • You can also use this tool to preview a PNG file before saving it to BMP.
  • The user interface of this tool is so basic that it can be used by non-technical users.
  • It’s completely standalone and works on all versions of Windows, old and new.

Let’s Conclude

So after reading this blog you can easily understand how to convert PNG to BMP format. The above solutions provide a step-by-step guide on how to export a large number of images at once in minutes. However, the above utilities are one of the simplest solutions available on the internet and work as per the needs and requirements of the users.

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