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Product Reviews

How to choose the best stroller lighter & cheaper

How to choose the best stroller according to the needs of the baby, my own, without escaping from the family budget? Should I choose a 3-in-1 stroller? What if I don’t need the basket after all? Should I prefer a stroller or a lighter cane that is cheaper?

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use before you can buy the best stroller or stroller. Do not worry! In the following guide, we will solve all your questions, while you will read useful tips and secrets that will help you choose the best option.

We will start by analyzing the different types of strollers. Strollers (Baby Strollers), Strollers 2 in 1, Strollers 3 in 1 (Transportation Systems), Light Strollers (Sticks), Light Strollers (Mini).

1. What is a stroller? (Baby Stroller)

The stroller or stroller or classic stroller (you may hear different names) is probably the most basic purchase of parents, as it is an integral part of our daily life from birth to the first 3 years or so of the baby. Below are the key features of most strollers.

  • They are suitable for newborns up to 15 kg (about three years depending on the development of the child)
  • They have a switch system (the position of the stroller rotates one way towards the parent or one way towards the road)
  • The back of the position is adjustable with many reclining positions (from 175 degrees lying down to about 95 degrees in an upright position)
  • The footrest is adjustable in different heights so we can choose the height that suits the child if he is lying down and sleeping or if he is sitting.
  • The location of the stroller has 5-point straps for greater safety
  • removable protection bar
  • foot brake to immobilize the stroller when we are not holding it
  • rotating front wheels for easier movement
  • an adjustable cover to protect the child from sunlight
  • The closure of the strollers varies depending on the size of the stroller and the company. The most common closure is split in half
  • Basic Accessories: Most strollers include a footmuff to protect the child from the cold, as well as a changing bag for easy and quick access to the necessary accessories of our baby.
  • Additional Accessories: Rarely do companies include a rain cover, mosquito net, cup holder, and lining (extra mattress).
Tips :
  • measure the dimensions from the trunk of our car and then check the dimensions of the stroller we are interested in when it is closed.
  • check if the dimensions of the stroller when it is open fit in common areas that we use daily (eg elevator)
  • try as much as possible to fit the features of the stroller into our daily life (example 1. If we live in an apartment building without an elevator it is wiser to choose a lighter stroller), (example 2. If our usual routes consist of large curbs and roads with many potholes a wheelchair with large wheels, suspensions and anti-vibration systems is preferable)
  • When the baby is newborn and until the first 6 months of life we ​​keep the back at the lowest height. Because the baby’s neck and spine are very sensitive, the desired position is placed horizontally. Also when the baby is newborn the parents usually have to have the position of the stroller facing them.
  • When we do not hold the stroller in our hands, we make sure that we have activated the foot brake.
  • Always check the manufacturer’s labels before washing the fabrics. We can choose a stronger program than the one proposed and destroy them. Usually the best solution is at 30 degrees without spinning.
Secrets :
  • There are four most common types of wheels you will find in strollers.
  1. Real gel wheels are more anti-vibration and quite easy to drive, but also increase the total cost of the stroller.
  2. Wheels with tube and air also facilitate the movement of the stroller when they have the right amount of air, but hide the risk of “fruit” and often need spare parts.
  3. “PU” wheels or rubber wheels are also anti-vibration wheels and easy to drive. And these categories of wheels increase the cost of the stroller.
  4. Finally, the wheels that you will encounter most often are the “EVA” which are more economical than the other wheels and are made of a mixture of plastic. They are harder wheels than the rest but they are also quite durable

2. What are 2 in 1 stroller?

The trolleys 2 in 1 is a case that we can divide into two main subcategories.

The most common case is the stroller + the basket (baby carrier) or the car seat . The companies break the stroller 3 in 1 that we will see below and offer us the stroller with one of the two additional accessories or the basket or the car seat according to our needs.

The second case, which has been very popular in recent years due to the lower price, are 2-in-1 strollers in which the stroller basket is converted into a stroller position by joining two straps from the bottom of the basket. Our companies essentially offer an accessory that turns into both a basket and a stroller. This fact makes these strollers usually cheaper than strollers that offer a separate place for the stroller and the basket.

This type of stroller has pros and cons. The main positive that they have as we mentioned earlier is the more economical price. Another positive is that in addition to money we also save space since we only have one accessory which, as we said, can be converted.
The main negative is that the basket because it is convertible has a soft bottom and we can not place it on another surface for the baby to sleep. Most mothers use the classic basket as a crib during the first months in the house. This is not possible in convertible bins. A second downside is that in many cases the 2 in 1 strollers have a narrower position than the strollers, with the result that when the baby grows up he does not have the same comfort in the stroller position. This is not always the case, but it is advisable to check it before making a purchase.

3. What is a 3-in-1 trolley (Transport System)

The 3-in-1 stroller or transport system is the category most parents choose for their first child. This is because strollers are a complete solution for the walk, carriage, and sleep of the child.

The 3 in 1 multi-carts can also be divided into 2 main subcategories. The most common case consists of the stroller, the basket (baby carrier), and the car seat ( baby ).

Here are the key features of 3-in-1 Wheelchairs :
  • It consists of the stroller, the characteristics of which have been recorded above (see 1. What is a stroller? Stroller )
  • It has a separate basket which is suitable for newborns up to about 6 months. The basket can be adjusted to the frame of the stroller as well as the position. The basket is very useful for the first months of the baby’s life as its horizontal position allows the baby to sleep comfortably. Also, the handle that it has facilitates us during its transportation. Many parents only use the basket for the first few months for their walk. Another important advantage of the basket is that we can use it as the baby’s first crib in the house. There are universal metal bases that we can place the baskets.
  • Finally,
    the 3-in-1 multi-strollers also have a car seat (egg). The car seat is suitable for newborns up to 13 kg (about one year depending on the development of the baby). The car seat can also be fitted to the stroller frame like the other two accessories (stroller position and basket). The seat is usually permanently tied to the parents’ car as the tying process makes it difficult for the parents and so they choose to have it permanently placed there. There are of course Isofix bases that facilitate our installation as long as our car is compatible with the Isofix system. There are several videos on the internet that show the correct way to fasten the seat, but we always make sure to check the manufacturer’s manual and ask the store where we made the purchase for any possible questions.

The second subcategory of the 3 in 1 Wheelchair is as follows: The wheelchair consists of the Wheelchair 2 in 1 ie from a basket that turns into a wheelchair + car seat.

4. What are Lightweight Strollers?

Many parents, either because they want to protect the stroller they have bought for the next child or because they want a lighter solution for the walk, choose to buy a second stroller which is the cane.

The cane is a lightweight, economical solution that is easy to handle and close.

Here are the key pointers in moving sticks :

  • They are usually suitable from 6 months to 15 kg (about 3 years depending on the development of the child). There are of course sticks which are suitable for a newborn as long as the inclination of the back is 175 degrees. The sticks are suitably from newborn are typically more expensive compared to the other sticks and have better fabric lining for the newborn.
  • They have 2 handles as you can see in the picture in contrast to most strollers which have a single handle.
  • They have 2-3 reclining positions to choose the desired position depending on whether our child is sleeping or sitting. The most economical sticks have a strap to adjust the height of the seat which is clearly more difficult compared to the mechanism of the more expensive ones. However, the difference in price is about € 20 for those who do not have a mechanism with those who do.
  • a 5-point seat belt.
  • They have a removable protective bar.
  • adjustable footrest.
  • Closing on most Sticks Trolleys is the same and is very easy. The dimensions of the Sticks are clearly smaller than those of a Stroller. However, the length of the closure is something we need to control when we have a small trunk.
  • They usually have double rotating wheels at the front. There are of course Sticks that have single rotating wheels which offer us easier movement. Sticks that have single rotating wheels are usually more expensive but also easier to drive.
  • small storage space for the necessary accessories of the child.
  • usually offer an extension to the canopy to protect the child from sunlight.
  • foot brake.

5. What are Lightweight Trolleys (Mini)?

The Lightweight Mini Strollers are a category that is very popular in Central Europe. Nevertheless, they have recently made their appearance

Their basic features are similar to those of Baby Strollers . Their main difference is their very small dimensions when closed. This facilitates people who travel frequently by plane as closing a Mini stroller allows us to justify it as hand luggage. Also parents who have a small car choose Mini strollers to save as much space as possible.

Very easy operation and movement are also 2 reasons why the Mini is becoming popular.

One downside that they have compared to Baby Strollers (Strollers) is the less storage space as well as the lining of the fabrics which in Baby Strollers usually excels.

Helpful Hints :
  • The price range that you can find as far as the 3-in-1 wheelchairs are concerned is from € 170 – € 3,000. The huge price difference has to do with the quality of construction, the capabilities of each stroller, the quality of fabrics, the after sale service as well as the commercial policy of the companies.
  • We suggest that the final choice of the stroller be based on your needs and daily life and that the appearance and design have a secondary role. There are many options for strollers that will surely satisfy your needs and aesthetics.
  • In recent years the use of price comparison machines e.g. skroutz, best price etc. are prevalent in every consumer. You can easily and quickly make a price comparison for the stroller you want and then choose the physical or online store to make your purchase. This will protect you from large variations in the price you will pay for the same product.
Useful Secrets :
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This will extend the life of the product you purchased.
  • Take care of the regular service of your stroller. Few sellers and stores make sure to remind buyers of this piece. It is very important at regular intervals to remove the wheels and lubricate the bearings as well as the mechanisms with a little grease or some lubricant. The wheels and the mechanisms collect dust and dirt and thus with their regular control we increase the life of the stroller, while we avoid the annoying sounds that the stroller mechanisms start and make after a while.
  • Visit the official websites of the manufacturers and read the features and capabilities of the product before proceeding to the purchase of the Trolley.

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