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How To Carry Concealed and Still Be Fashionable

Concealed carry is growing in popularity, and so are its fashions. Most people don’t think of their weapon when they purchase clothing, but when you intend to carry without anyone knowing your clothing is important. Here are a few ways to carry a concealed weapon and still be fashionable.


There are a lot of shirts that are considered concealed carry clothing. One of the most common carry methods is the under the arm or the shoulder holster method. Several companies make concealed carry shirts. Some offer a space for a holster, while others build the holster inside the shirt in a pouch or pocket.

Belts and Attachments

Some companies make specific belts and leather holsters to wear under your clothing. This includes body or appendix holsters, ankle holsters and waist holsters.


Another popular method of concealed carry clothing is in the waistband of your pants. Most compression holsters and belt holsters are meant for you to carry a concealed weapon with your already existing clothing. Some companies offer a pocket, while others offer a belt holster for your weapon.


There are a lot of underclothes that offer concealed carry options. Some people prefer an undershirt that unbuttons to reveal a weapon, and some women prefer a bra or waistband that doesn’t indicate that they are armed.

In each case, the undergarment does not indicate that they have a weapon, and the weapon is easily accessible. These holsters are made for some of the smaller firearms on the market.

Skirts and Dresses

Some skirts and dresses are made for concealed carry. They have extra pockets and pouches where you can hide a weapon.

As more and more people are choosing to carry. Fashion designers are adding concealed carry clothing to their roster of fashions. You can find many fashions that will both hide your firearm and still remain in style.

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