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Mobile App Development

How to Build a Remote App Development Team in India?

Mobile App Development in India

Whether pandemic or no-pandemic, the app development market is embracing remote hiring of developers for projects because of multiple factors. As a Statista report says, the revenue generated from remote projects on a global scale is likely to cross $116.40bn by 2022.

Today, India is a top mobile app development partner for start-ups and enterprises to get inspirational app design and robust digital solutions for mobile platforms at a significantly lower cost than the USA, UK, or Canada. How to build the best remote development teams in India for your project? Let’s explain the steps.

Know Where to Find The App Development Team

When trying to find an expert team of dedicated Indian app developers, the vast and multifaceted market will not offer easy visibility of all the top players at a glance; hence, a bit of research is necessary. Here below, we provide some ways to conduct research for finding the right development teams in India.

  • Making Web Search

    There are too many leading development companies in India. But by making an extensive web search, you can come across several common names that periodically appear in several lists.

  • Freelance Job Boards

    Do you want to opt for freelance developers instead of top-level development companies just because of the smaller budget? You can opt for platforms such as Upwork, Toptal, You team, etc.

  • B2B Web Ranking

    Certain B2B ranking platforms such as Clutch and Goodfirms are great places to find top outsourcing development companies across every skill and niche.

  • Traditional Job Boards and LinkedIn

    Linkedin is regarded as a leading talent research and acquisition platform for diverse skill sets. Similarly, other job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed.com can equally be good resources.

  • Developer Community Platforms

    There are also some widely popular developer community platforms where app developers need to exchange queries and solutions and update code for versions. Version control platforms like GitHub and community platforms like Stackoverflow are great places to get easily acquainted with skilled resources.

Evaluate the portfolio

To judge developers’ skills, the most important thing to start with is the project experience and exposure to diverse project requirements. These are easily evaluated by going deeper into the track record and portfolio of the developer team’s past projects. Instead of making a round-eyed gesture by looking at an extensive project portfolio, evaluating the app quality and their past projects’ similarities with yours is important.

A thorough background check is a key to scrutinizing app developers’ technical skills and expertise regarding their portfolios. By just checking with the past clients, you can easily know about the highs or lows of the experience of developers in working with the said development company.

Carry Out Remote Interviews of The Team

As soon as the primary screening of the developer teams is finished, it is high time to carry out a technical interview headed by the CTO of your company. For remote interviews of development teams, it is always better to use tools like Google Meet or Zoom. The interview should be well planned with all the technical questions and things to know figured out in advance.

Through the interview, you can ask deeper questions about the respective skills related to their portfolio and previous project expertise. Apart from the technical knowledge, in the interview, developers need to tell the ways they can contribute to the respective app development project. This is where you need to set clear expectations from the developers.

Testing Programming and Development Skills

As soon as the initial round of technical interviews is over, it is time to check their coding skills and practical development expertise related to different project requirements. The practical test is best carried out through a peer programming session on a demo app project. Though using custom questionnaires and custom demo projects are always the options. Some coding test tools such as HackerRank help you do the job easily.

Through pair programming sessions, the collaboration skills of the developer candidates are evaluated. How the team develops an app in a collaborative environment is what needs to be evaluated. This also reveals their problem-solving abilities and command of collaborative tools.

Soft Skill Assessment

As soon as the developers prove their skills and abilities through a rigorous technical test. They need to test their soft skills, referring mainly to their aptitude, communication skills, motivation, and integrity. Since you are hiring a remote team of developers. Each of these attributes is of crucial significance for the success of the app project.

The soft skill assessment interview is far from just statutory. The interview process determines how far the expectations of both remote and in-house teams of developers can be complementary to each other. It is something to dig into whether the developers have enough motivation to realize their career aspirations through excellent project contributions. In close relation to this, you also need to evaluate their integrity level and work ethics as well.

Don’t Undermine The Onboarding Process

You have finally selected the right team for your outsourcing project through this long and arduous process. But wait, the journey to build a remote app development team is still not over. You must have a well-laid-out onboarding process. To make the remote team feel at home and deliver their best from the beginning.

To ensure that an onboarding process correctly accompanies your selection process, have clear communication and keep them tuned to the company culture and development environment through a step-by-step orientation process. An induction session explaining the company’s journey is a must, followed by an in-house guiding team and the communicative project manager.

Final Words

There can be hardly any doubt that the remote development team is no longer as remote as it used to be in the traditional sense. In a world without communication boundaries, remote hiring has become most lucrative. Indian developers, with their proven track record and multifaceted skills, are already highly valued in the global landscape. The steps mentioned above will help you get the best Indian developer talents for your app projects on board.


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