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How Should You Design a B2B Sales Process?

Business-to-business sales are a tough world to conquer, contrary to popular belief. There are more competitors and fewer choices. In addition to a high quality of the goods or services is an absolute necessity. All of these expectations often seem like a huge burden to the sales agents who fail to secure more sales. They ignore the fact that designing a comprehensive B2B sales process can provide the key to all their issues and problems.

B2B sales process is a comprehensive guide that can help sales agents stick to the basics and necessities and convert the prospects into their clients and customers. It is like a manual that they can follow to fulfill the requirements of the prospects while taking care of their own limitations and profitability. Learning about the stages and steps of the process can offer better insight.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail how you should design a B2B sales process to achieve your goals of higher sales and profitability.

Top 7 Stages to Ensure Profitable B2B Sales Process

A smooth and efficient B2B sales process can help the sales agents stick to the essential details while trying to get prospects on board. It can help them not to waste their time on the prospects who are not suitable for the deal and process the dealings with the ones who are suitable and willing.

Here are some of the most important stages you must follow to ensure a profitable B2B sales process.

1. Lead Generation

The first stage you need to follow to design a profitable B2B sales process is lead generation. Lead generation here means that you must shortlist and finalize the sales-qualified leads to process your sales cycle. Sales qualified leads are the prospects who are interested or have shown interest in the business in the past. Lead generation is easier said than done, which is the major reason many organizations consult sales outsourcing Dubai companies and make sure to handle lead generation smoothly and efficiently.

2. Discovery Calls

The second stage of a smooth and successful B2B sales process is the management of discovery calls. Discovery calls are the first call to the prospects after they have shown interest in the deal or willingness to process it. The purpose of discovery calls is to get detailed insight into the needs, requirements, expectations, and pain points of the prospects in order to offer high-quality service.

3. Lead Qualification

The next step you need to design a successful and profitable B2B sales process is lead qualification. Lead qualification is the process of checking the suitability of the prospects for the deal. It means that you need to check and verify if your organization can offer the solutions the prospects are looking for. That is not enough as you need to be clear about the budget, and company size of the prospects, in addition to knowing if they are an authoritative figure or not to be sure they are a qualified lead or not.

4. Sales Pitching

The next stage in the B2B sales process is sales pitching. In simpler words, after assessing the needs, requirements, and suitability of the prospects for a deal, you will have to present a proposal to them. The pitch can include a detailed proposal plan of how you or your organization will offer service to the prospect and how it will benefit them. The prospects can reject you, too, so put more effort into preparing a sales pitch.

5. Objection Handling

The next step in the B2B sales process is objection handling. After checking the sales pitch, the prospects can have some queries. Objection handling is the stage where the sales agents will address the concern and queries of the prospect in a composed and professional manner and try their best to satisfy them.

6. Deal Signing

The most crucial stage of the whole B2B sales process is deal signing. As evident from the name, the deal signing is the stage of signing the contract and finalizing the agreement. Make sure to check everything in writing and include parties from both sides to sign the agreement to avoid future issues and misunderstandings.

7. Follow Up

The last and most crucial stage of a successful B2B sales process is ensuring proper follow-up. Nothing can be more stressed in the sales process than handling follows up with clients and prospects. Knowing their feedback can help the organizations identify the gaps in their practices, issues of the prospects and make efforts to deliver high-quality service. If you or your sales agents are struggling with follow-up, you can consult trained and professional agents to cater to sales for point zero and ensure higher profitability.

Follow the stages and see the progress!

If you have been facing slower sales, make sure to adopt the B2B sales process and watch your progress. If you are still unable to earn a profit, contact the professionals and let them take care of all the problems hindering your progress and profitability.

Louis Rolen

Louis Rolen is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to TheTechLog, Tekrati, TIM Blog, Explore Inside, and other blogs. He writes about technology, finance, business, marketing, travel, and automobile industry. He believes that sharing ideas and communicating online will lead to betterment.

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