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How Quickbooks Online for E-Commerce Enhances Customer Experience

Whether opening an online store for the first time or handling multiple online sales channels, one of the most significant challenges you face is monitoring the large amounts of data that these operations produce. You need to keep item information and inventory up to date, enter payments, and create invoices in Quickbooks. The time you waste in resolving errors, tracking down information, and manually entering data makes your work unproductive and expensive. This is the reason why Quickbooks online e-Commerce integration is essential. 

Advantages of Integrating Quickbooks with Your eCommerce Store

The ultimate objective of Quickbooks online for e-Commerce is to improve the customer experience. You can increase operational efficiency and satisfy your customers with automation. Supervising two different platforms simultaneously is time-consuming and similar data has to be enter in two places. Thus, waste time could have otherwise been utilize to enhance the customer experience. Integration with Quickbooks removes manual data entry, enabling you to quickly access data for decision-making and better serve customers. It also ensures that order, product, inventory, and customer data are precise through the two platforms: your E-Commerce store and Quickbooks. 

Most retailers today believe that e-Commerce platforms would be the primary technology for digital sales across mobile, desktop, and stores. This implies that it is essential that you centralize your data by combining it into one source. 

How Can Quickbooks E-Commerce Integration Improve the Customer Experience?

While you supervise two different systems separately, you must keep track of and manage a lot of data. These include customer data, shipping data, data related to inventory, items, and tracking data. When you are handling the task of entering the data yourself, you leave scope for errors, and the outcomes of these results can be harmful. 

Mistakes in shipping address due to manual entries can be fatal as you do not get a package deliver to the customer. Business risk overselling if the inventory does not update automatics when items are sold. Customers would find it difficult to find your items in an overcrowd market from amongst similar items if the product information has not been put in correct. These circumstances can lead to a poor customer experience and result in a loss of sales. Retail is about satisfying consumers, and the future will stay the same. Apart from competing on product price and the quality of product, retailer are also bent on providing a better customer experience. 

If you do not integrate your eCommerce store with Quickbooks, you would be dissatisfied with your customer, and they would not come to you to satisfy their needs and shift to your customers.

Benefits of Quickbooks Online for E-Commerce

Quickbooks online for E-Commerce offers companies the ability to have remote access. Any company employee can access the Quickbooks account from a web browser and provide full access to information in real-time. 

The benefits of Quickbooks online include the following:

  • Powerful assistance center with online chat option
  • No software or local data to monitor – no requirements for upgrades. 
  • Enhanced access to data with your accountant and employees.
  • Convenient app sync with automatic downloads at night
  • You can automatically send reports, statements, and invoices. 
  • You do not need to backup as your data is backed up on Intuit server. 
  • You can track inventory in real-time as products go in and go out.
  • Credit card and bank transactions can be download at night. 
  • iPad and iPhone apps are free of charge with automatic sync.
  • You can receive payments by ACH electronic payments or through credit card.
  • You can work on multiple windows simultaneously. 

Selecting an E-Commerce Platform for Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks online eCommerce integration‘s initial step is choosing the right platform. You would want to look for unique characteristics when integrating with Quickbooks. You should consider the design, SEO, promotional tools, payment flexibility, architecture, support, tracking & reporting, growth strategy, and support provided. 

Whether you need to switch to a new platform or pick a new one, you can consider options like Shopify, Magneto, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and so on. You can get the details of each one and understand the features, functionality, and capability to control an online shopping experience. 

How to Choose a Quickbooks eCommerce Integration Solution?

You need to look for a solution that integrates the two, one that acts as a file transfer software or middleware. Many of these integration solutions integrate a single task: stop-gap fixes with a brief life span. Experimenting with various partial integration solutions is time-consuming and drains your resources. 

With the evolution of integration technology, complete solutions are available for connecting your Quickbooks online for e-Commerce in a real-time environment. These powerful management platforms control your business operations and provide access to your data. Integration with a powerful multichannel management platform enables you to generate efficiencies and organize processes that enhance all aspects of your business, such as order management, supply chain, inventory management, item merchandising, customer service, business growth, and reporting. 

Quickbooks online E-Commerce integration gives you the scope to always maintain your accounts to the present day and have complete control over your inventory and business finances. 

Wrapping Up

Businesses can have Quickbooks online eCommerce integration to increase their efficiency and productivity. It is essential for improving business processes and having a competitive advantage in the marketplace over other businesses. However, you should be selective and choose the right solution. 

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