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Helpful Tips to Move your Antique Items via Packers and Movers

Moving your antique pieces with packers and movers is extremely essential. These products are costly and should be moved in an efficient manner. However, only booking the packers and movers is not enough to move your antique items safely. You should also use a few tips to ship your antique items to your destination in a secure manner.

Shipping your antique belongings to another destination perfectly is not a tough task. You only need to contact the certified movers and a few proven tips for this purpose.

You must plan your move in an efficient manner. If you don’t have a proper plan, there are high chances of getting a spoiled move.

Many people are stressed over shifting their antique products professionally. They are completely unaware of the right tactics to ship the antique items safely.

If you too are among the one, then you can refer to the following tips to shift these items without any stress: –

Choose the Right Insurance Policy

Remember that the success of your relocation depends on your planning. If your planning is good, you won’t have any problems in shipping antique pieces to any relocation. And the first step towards making the right plan is to cover your products from any damage.

You can book packers and movers in Kanpur and get the best insurance policy as per your moving requirements. Carrying antique pieces to any destination is simple if you choose the best insurance policy. In general, the movers offer you 2 kinds of insurance.

The first one is the transit insurance and the other insurance policy is all-inclusive insurance. Both these insurance policies are perfect for protecting your antique items. But, there is some difference between these 2 policies. The transit insurance covers your goods only during the transit.

However, you can get all-inclusive insurance to save your goods throughout the moving process. So if you detect any kind of damage to your goods, you can claim against them.

De-cluttering the House

This is undoubtedly the first step before starting your move. It is important to de-clutter your home before starting your relocation. De-cluttering is not a difficult process. You only want to separate the unwanted items from the necessary items.

If you are shifting antique pieces to another location, you need to de-clutter the antique items first. People possess several antique pieces in their houses. However, they must know which items they want to keep or leave.

Once you have removed the antique pieces, you need to manage them as soon as possible. There are two ways through which you can get rid of these articles. Either you can give the unwanted antique pieces to your family members or you can sell them to anyone. You can also donate these items to any NGO or any other charitable organization. So, you need to identify the needs and then sell or donate your antique items.

Disassembling the Antique Pieces

You might have many antique things in your house. However, not all antique pieces are of the same size. Some people possess oddly shaped antique furniture and other items. Some antique furniture pieces are large. So, people face many problems in moving these items during the move.

However, they can shift their items by disassembling them. You might take some time to disassemble your items. But, this will prove to be much more advantageous for you. You can easily take their valuable antique items safely.

You can get help from your packers and movers regarding disassembling your products. They are aware of the ways to disassemble your antique pieces perfectly.

You can keep the disassembled items separately and assemble them again at the new home. The moving and packing officials offer you the disassembling services. However, they charge additional prices for the disassembling services. Hence, you must disassemble the antique places to relocate them without any damage.

Making an Inventory

You must also consider creating the inventory list before moving it to another place. It is important to make an inventory list if you are shifting numerous antique goods. Making an inventory list will be highly beneficial for you. You will come to know the existing condition of the antique goods you are moving with you.

This’ll help you in confirming the safe arrival of their goods. You can also check their products for any kind of damage if you possess a ready inventory list.

Cushioning your Items

It is crucial to add cushioning around your antique items. You can use plastic wrap for this purpose. It is best to use the plastic wrap twice to wrap your antique items perfectly. You can also cover all four sides of your products to provide complete protection to these items. Once you wrap these items, it’s time to use packing tapes to secure them.

Check your Insurance Policy

You must also check your insurance policy before moving to your destination.  Make sure to know if all your antique products are covered in this insurance or not. If all your antiques are not covered in this policy, you can get an insurance facility.

Moving insurance is great for the safety of your antique pieces. So, you can get the insurance that is the best to cover all your antique goods.

Use Corner Protectors

The corners of your decorative pieces and artworks may be damaged during the move. So, you’ll have to protect them at any cost. The best would be, however, is to use corner protectors to protect them from any kind of damage. These protectors are immensely beneficial to you to experience a hassle-free relocation.

Use dividers and Small Boxes

Don’t forget to pack your antique items perfectly to offer guaranteed security to them. You can use box dividers and small boxes to pack your antique items. It is best to use picture boxes to put art pieces, framed items, and other mirrors.

However, if you have antique glasses, then you can use packing inserts and box dividers to pack them safely. These products will certainly provide strength to your antique items. Most people use these items to shift their antique items without any stress.


You can follow the above-mentioned tips to shift your antique items to your destination easily. You can search for other tips to move these items stress-free with packers and movers.

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You should start the process of finding the best packers and movers by doing research. We are providing free moving quotes from top verified professionals which will be at affordable movers and packers price.

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