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Food Product Recalls Rise Because Of Artwork & Packaging Errors

Massive food product recalls because of Artwork & Packaging Errors in a bane that the food and beverage industry has been carrying for a long time and the trend only seems to rise. The total of recalls for food products in the USA shot up in 2018. The increase was 10% and it was a peak for the country.

Getting a recall for any brand is a disaster but it is an even bigger disaster for a food or beverage brand. Consumers can lose trust and that can impact the brand’s reputation for quality. On top of this, the money, effort, materials, and time spent to get the product on the shelf becomes all in vain. The cost, time, and effort to cover the damages is a serious issue.  bodrum escort bayan

Simple things about a product’s packaging can result in a recall of the product. It can be as simple as a typing error or an omission of a symbol or punctuation. This can happen due to human error due to inefficient proofreading. It can only be resolved if manual proofreading is replaced with digital proofing software. An automated system will eliminate errors and human inefficiency. This in turn can reduce recalls and save the brand a lot of time, effort, and money along with protecting its reputation.

Artwork & Packaging

Examples of Food Recall Rise Because Of Artwork & Packaging Errors

1.Ready Pac Food, Inc

Firstly, let’s look at Ready Pac Food, Inc and the recall of their Salad Kit. The recall happened due to misbranding and the failure to declare the presence of an allergen. The issue arrived after the product was already launched. The dressing that the salad contained did not match the one on the label. The kit has Caesar dressing instead of the labeled one which was the sweet Thai peanut dressing. bodrum bayan escort

In simple words, the labeling did not match the content, and that was one of the main reasons for the recall was misbranding. Due to this misbranding, the issue or content labeling and the presence of allergens also arrived, and hence it was also linked to the failure to declare the presence of allergens. The brand had to recall 265 pounds of the salad kit after the debacle.

2. Joseph Epstein Food Enterprises, Inc

Another example of a recall due to misbranding is the Joseph Epstein Food Enterprises, Inc. The company had to incur heavy losses when 190 pounds of meat turkey had to be recalled due to misbranding. The brand had labeled the product as a gluten-free food item.

However, it was later discovered that the product did in fact contain gluten. The issue was discovered during a laboratory testing by a third party. The portion of gluten was quite small and there had been no confirmed reports of any adverse effects from consumers but the issue still tarnished the brand’s reputation. The trust that they enjoyed in the market is missing after the incident. 

Top reasons for food product recalls 

The food industry is always a fast-moving one and in this rapidly changing environment, it is possible to make errors in the packaging of the product to keep up with the speed of the market. Misbranding and mislabelling are the top reasons for food product recalls. Several reasons leave space for error.

Artwork & Packaging Errors Recall

Firstly, human errors are abundant when proofreading. A spelling error or missing content in the label can easily escape the human eye. Packaging suppliers can also make a mistake. They can easily overlook a simple mistake among a large number of similar-looking packages. The promotional team can also often make mistakes since they are one of the last ones to receive the package.

The pressure and need for speed can cause errors. Having faulty equipment is also another possible way to ruin your packaging and labeling. For example, a faulty printer might be responsible for a mistake that in the future might cause a recall. 

How to avoid recalls due to Artwork & Packaging Errors and a way to move ahead 

Now that the cause of recalls has been explored you may ask ‘What can be done to avoid recalls’? Well, for starters do not rely on traditional tools. Use automated tools that help with digital proofreading and avoid mistakes made by humans. An online solution can also make teamwork more collaborative and hence eliminate any space for confusion.

All members can have proper clarity and visibility of the process which leads to complete compliance and enhanced teamwork. An automated system can also trace and track your data, allowing you to make changes instantly and keep the process movement smooth, easy and fast. It also brings accountability and structure to your process. An easy and end-to-end solution can transform your Artwork & Packaging Errors Management Process.

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