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Flex Offense – Complete Coaching Guide

Flex Offense - Complete Coaching Guide

Flex Offense Origin

Before we get into how to run the flex offense, how about we have a brief glance at its set of experiences in the sport of b-ball.

The flex offense was made as a variety to the mix offense in the 1970’s

via Carroll Williams of Santa Clara University.

There are many mentors that have had accomplishment with the flex offense including Gary

Williams of Maryland who came out on top for the 2002 NCAA title utilizing the flex offense

Bo Ryan at Wisconsin, Al Skinner at Boston College

Jerry Sloan varieties of it during his experience with the Utah Jazz

also many secondary school mentors the nation over.

As may be obvious, the flex offense has been demonstrated to work at all

degrees of b-ball. It is a staple offense among many secondary school groups.

What is a Flex Cut

How about we start with the outright essentials.

Since the offense is named after this cut, it’s critical that each mentor

perusing this knows about the flex cut before we get further into separating the offense.

flex cutA flex cut is the point at which a player in the corner gets a screen from a partner

driving them into the paint where they can get a pass for a layup or shot near the band.

You can see a model in the chart. The player cutting can cut either side of the screener

relying upon the area of their safeguard.

It’s critical that this cut is drilled frequently by your players as it’s a huge piece of the offense and when the players

figure out how to peruse their protector, the flex slice will prompt a ton of scoring amazing open doors.

Outline of the Flex Offense

The flex offense is a 4-out, 1-in progression offense that principally utilizes down-separates a

screen-the-screener activity and the renowned ‘flex slice’ to have open layups or hop chances

around the high post.

It’s essentially a one man to another offense, however can be utilized against a zone for certain slight changes.

It’s a stoppage, patient offense that requires great dispersing

ball-development, passing, shooting, cutting, and screening by all players.

It’s not unexpected to see groups turn around the ball to various sides of the court three

multiple times prior to making an open shot at the container.

Who Should Use the Flex Offense?

Each group from center school (about age 11) and up can run the flex offense.

Again and again I hear “I can’t run the flex offense with my group

my bigs can’t spill or pass to save themselves!”. My answer for the most part is a like thing

“Whenever have they had the valuable chance to figure out how to spill and pass?”

On the off chance that your main concern is dominating b-ball matches

this offense ought to just be controlled by a group of players who ALL succeed at passing, spilling

cutting, screening and shooting, as all positions are tradable.

It’s extreme (nearer to difficult) to track down a group of players that great

at the center and secondary school level.

The flex offense doesn’t permit you to give the ball to your best scorer and released them one-on-one

each excursion down the floor while the more vulnerable hostile players are concealed in the corners.

Each player should be involved.

Mentors hoping to utilize this offense need to recall that we can’t anticipate that

our players should be amazing at this large number of abilities before we carry out the offense.

By executing the flex offense you’ll continuously foster total players by experience and they’ll

gain proficiency with the essential abilities of all areas and positions on the ball court.

So, while I figure the offense can work for any young group

there is clearly going to be groups that are more fit to this offense.

  1. Groups lacking level – If your group doesn’t have an incredible low-post player or much level
  2. this is a decent offense since it makes consistent development from all players on the floor.
  3. Extraordinary shooting crews –
  4. This is an incredible offense for a group wherein everything players can shoot from an external perspective.
  5. In the event that you have players that can’tit permits the guard to droop into the paint and cut off passing paths
  6. Groups with a high b-ball IQ – All players running the flex offense will foster a higher b-ball IQ
  7. however it most certainly helps assuming you have brilliant players from the beginning.

Benefits of the Flex Offense

Simple to Learn – The explanation the flex offense is so famous among

secondary school programs is on the grounds that it’s somewhat easy to learn.

Everybody Develops and Contributes – The flex truly is a TEAM offense.

Dissimilar to most youth groups, you can’t depend on one player taking care of the ball for a large

portion of the shot clock and similar players killing each time the floor.

Everybody is engaged with the offense.

Positionless Basketball –

The flex offense requires every one of the 5 players to be compatible.

This prompts all players being open to playing anyplace on the floor

creating abilities and certainty for all positions.

Weakness the Defense –

The Flex offense frequently takes up a ton of the shot clock looking for an open shot

the safeguard is compelled to watch for extended lengths on protection.

As they’ll be continually battling through screens and ceaselessly moving, this can truly wear out the resistance

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