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Five practical tips for first-time life insurance buyers

Some of your friends or family have probably told you that life insurance can provide your beneficiaries with money when you die. This protection can be crucial if you are responsible for a significant portion of household income.

Buying life insurance for the first time can be daunting. Yet it shouldn’t be. We can greatly facilitate your efforts with the help of the following practical life insurance tips.

Define your needs

Take advantage of online resources to better understand life insurance and your options.

Think about what type of insurance might be right for you. For example, are you considering purchasing term life insurance or permanent life insurance?

Term life insurance gives you more affordable protection for a defined period of time. Permanent life insurance – whether it’s participating life insurance or universal life insurance – gives you more protection for life. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to accumulate cash value so that you can meet your future financial needs. Remember that term life insurance gets more expensive each time it gets renewed.

Find an insurer that meets your needs

The quality of your insurance is a reflection of the company offering it. After all, insurance has to be there for you when you need it, either immediately or later.

This is why it is important that the company providing you with insurance is solid, stable and able to honor its guarantees. Canada Life has been part of the Canadian insurance industry since 1847.

Determine the amount of insurance you need

Calculate the expenses your family will have to incur after your death, including one-time expenses, like funeral expenses, and recurring expenses, like groceries, tuition, car and mortgage payments. You should also factor in future expenses, such as the cost of a child’s post-secondary education.

This will give you a general idea of ​​how much money your family would need in the event of your death.

Consider critical illness insurance and disability insurance

Many people go through their years in the workforce in good health. Others, however, may have serious illness or injury. It would therefore be a good idea to consider purchasing critical illness and disability insurance in addition to life insurance tips.

To convince yourself of this, just ask yourself if you would have enough money to support yourself if you couldn’t work for a month. What if you couldn’t work for six months or even longer?

Consider integrating critical illness and disability insurance into your financial security plan to keep your plans on track.

Choosing the right life insurance policy

Life insurance is the preferred placement of the French, with the Livret A . If the livret A holds the record for the number of accounts opened (55 million), life insurance holds the record in terms of outstandings placed (over 1.750 billion $).

A plethora of life insurance offers: choosing your life insurance tips policy (s) is not easy: more than 1,000 life insurance policies are available to savers! So, how do you choose your life insurance contract? You have made the choice to go for a life insurance contract, but you do not know which one or which to choose? Here is a short guide to choosing a final expense leads contract, in 7 points.

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