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Five Amazing Things that Your Smartphone Can Do


Gone are the days when we only used our mobiles to call and text someone with it. For extra fun measures, it used to have two to three games in it. In a way, we were content with what our mobile could offer us during that time. As smartphone technology started to progress we got introduced to amazing apps that changed our lives.

We can use a smartphone for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and take pictures with it. Watch movies and TV series, play video games and music, browse the internet to gain worldwide knowledge, read books, and work from home. It’s amazing how you can conquer just about anything and everything as long as you have your phone.

However, the majority of people are still unaware of what our smartphones can do for us. Well, today we are here to tell you five amazing things that your smartphone can do that you might not know about yet. It’s normal in every household to have more than one phone and many of them just sit in our drawers collecting dust. It’s about time that you sell old phones and get instant cash and give your used spare phone some purpose.


Technology to Read Text Messages by Voice

Some people are people blind and a lot of people suffer from vision problems. In these situations, you are unable to read the message due to your physical inability. If someone is going through a similar situation. Having a technology that can turn your standard text message into a voice message will be helpful for anyone.

Also, if you are someone like me who is just too lazy sometimes to read anything, this technology will be a blessing for you too. If you like to have access to this technology.

  • Go to Settings
  • Now open up the Accessibility
  • At last, all you have to do is turn on the “Text to Speech Output”.

If somehow your phone is unable to provide you with this feature. All you have to do is go to the google play store and download any app similar to “Pocket for Android” that will turn the text into speech.


Take More than One Picture in a Single Moment

Are you interested in taking multiple pictures at once to take your pick from and choose the best one to save? In your smartphone, you will be able to find a feature that helps you capture multiple pictures from your mobile phone camera. Which is known as a “Fast Burst or Burst Shot” If you like to use this amazing feature in your camera.

  • First, open up the camera app.
  • Now go to camera Settings.
  • At last, enable the burst shot.

Now your phone is ready to take multiple photos all you have to do is click on the capture and hold the button for a few seconds and voila you will get your multiple shots right away.

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Use Your Smartphone as Heart Rate Monitor

A few years ago only limited brands were providing their consumers with a heart rate monitor features. Especially Samsung Galaxy S5 and S7 were advanced enough in this technology hardware that helped you monitor your heart rate. Recently, everything changed completely. Now when you pay a visit to Google Play Store you can use numerous apps that help you keep track of your heart rate at any time of the day. Now it becomes easier to keep your health in check when you have all the required tools on your smartphone. This way you don’t have to waste money on expensive gadgets that give you the same results. when you have your phone inside your pocket.


Scan Files and Documents with Smartphone

There are times when we want to scan the documents and files. But if you go to the market to buy a scanner it will burn massive holes inside your pockets. Nobody unnecessarily wants to shake their monthly budget or dig into their savings for the future. If your work requires you to scan a limited amount of documents then your smartphone will prove to be effective. Save money for rainy days and still get the same effective and accurate results with your smartphone scanner.

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Use Smartphone to Measure your Height, Speed, and Also for Distance

If you go to the Google Play Store, you are going to find that there are numerous apps available that can help you to take measures of buildings and houses. You can also measure the speed of the car and any vehicle and also human speed. These apps will let you figure out the speed, height, and also distance of any object be it living or nonliving. All you have to do is open the app and go to the camera option and point the camera lens towards the object and it will provide you with the desired results.


Final Verdict:- It’s amazing how a smartphone, a portable gadget, is easily replacing expensive heavyweight electronic devices. But sometimes your old smartphone lacks in many departments and is unable to provide you with the latest software features. Selling old phones online and replacing them with the latest smartphone will help you in many areas and protect you from excessive money wastage.

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