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Establish Your Online Grocery Delivery Business with Instacart Clone

Gone are the days when customers used to throng supermarkets. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed that trend. Today, provision stores have gone digital and are reaching out to a larger user base through platforms like Instacart Clone.

Shoppers are ordering their products online from their homes or offices. A mind-boggling 500,000 gig workers (independent contractors who work full-time and part-time) ensure contactless delivery of goods to customers.

Besides that, Instacart provides curbside pickup services across Canada and the USA as an alternative to door delivery of groceries. The North American platform is expected to pocket a hefty market share of 68% by 2023. It will comfortably overtake competitors like Amazon Fresh, FreshDirect, DoorDash, Walmart, and Uber Eats.

What are some engrossing stats about Instacart? 

  • Instacart covers 85% and 70% of households in the USA and Canada respectively. It has tied up with several micro fulfilment centres and warehouses to ensure 30-minute delivery of groceries to customers.
  • The user retention rate of the Instacart e-grocery platform is very high. A whopping 63% of existing customers will continue using its curbside pickup and door delivery services.
  • Instacart is rapidly expanding its business operations in Greater Toronto, Canada. The American platform has partnered with 200 stores owned by Dollarama, a retail chain.
  • Further, it will expand to 3 cities across the Canadian market (Gatineau, Sherbrooke, Quebec). It will team up with 2 retailers, Pharmaprix (medicines) and Sephora (cosmetics).

Why must entrepreneurs take the plunge in online grocery delivery?

Entrepreneurs can make a splash in the booming e-grocery sector by developing an Instacart clone app. They can manage their daily business activities with an admin dashboard.

Further, techpreneurs will benefit from high efficiency in digital marketing, order processing, partnership with new retailers, and payment execution.

They can entice small stores that do not have the resources (capital and time) to sell their products online. The higher the number of retailers who get onboarded, the greater would be the daily order volume and sales.

What are the notable features of an app like Instacart?

Top Departments Dashboard – Generally, customers waste a lot of money and time by moving from one arena to another in a supermarket. However, an awesome app like Instacart sorts out this issue through clear segregation.

Users can tap different product sections like alcoholic beverages, frozen food, fruits, household essentials, meat, office supplies, organic products, seafood, and vegetables. Likewise, entrepreneurs will receive real-time alerts related to inventory levels and sales.

Multi-payment support – Customers can easily process transactions online after adding all the required items to their cart. They can execute payments via Apple Pay, credit cards, debit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), Google Pay, and UnionPay. Moreover, users will know their transaction history. Accordingly, they can refer to the data of their previous payments anytime.

Real-time chat option – Shoppers can interact with both the full-time and part-time grocery delivery personnel via a live chat facility. They can pass on instructions and suggestions to the gig workers for replacing out-of-stock products.

Customers can choose 3 options (Find Best Match, Pick Specific Replacement, and Don’t Replace). ​Hence, this avoids confusion and solves problems like deliveries to the wrong location and incorrect orders.

Sharing of earnings reports – Grocery delivery executives receive detailed income reports. They will know their total earnings over a period (daily, weekly, and quarterly).  Likewise, this ensures transparency as the logistics personnel would get accurate data about their bonuses, commission, and tips.

24×7 technical assistance – Complaints and grievances from customers are a part of every online grocery delivery business. Therefore, entrepreneurs must offer round the clock technical support for users. Accordingly, shoppers can sort out issues like damaged and missing products, late deliveries, payment processing glitches, and replacement of expired goods, and refunds.

How entrepreneurs can modify their pricing on an Instacart clone app?

Owners of an app like Instacart can flexibly fix a pricing policy. They can form a comprehensive agreement with retailers regarding the cost of each product. Generally, retailers have full freedom to determine their prices. Customers get heavy discounts on an Instacart clone app since there is a difference in the costs of in-store goods and online store products.

Accordingly, the costs paid by customers vary depending on the type of their order (clubstore deliveries, one-hour deliveries, and same-day deliveries). Their total bill depends on their location, the number and the types of products in their order cart. full film izle

Techpreneurs can also introduce a monthly or yearly subscription plan like Instacart Express. They can attract customers by offering benefits like discounts, free and unlimited home deliveries, lower product prices, and other promotional offers. Interestingly, Instacart has priced delivery fees differently for orders above $35 and below it.

What is the cost of Instacart clone app development?

The budget to create an app like Instacart depends on numerous factors. It is a multi-stage process spread across a few days or weeks.

The different phases are

  • Analyzing the business needs and operational plans of entrepreneurs.
  • Studying the extent of competition in the target market.
  • Creating a friendly user interface (UI) suitable to all types of customers.
  • Developing the prototype of the Instacart clone app.
  • Adding all the basic and premium features to the online grocery ordering and delivery platform.
  • Testing the performance and security of the digital retail platform.
  • Launching an amazing app like Instacart at the right time in the market.

Wrapping Up

Above all, Instacart is aggressively delivering groceries to every nook and corner of American and Canadian markets. It is focussing on two aspects, increase in the speed of delivery (30 minutes to 1 hour per order), and reduction in logistics cost per order.

The world will see a new version of Instacart soon as it uses Next-Gen technologies like drones and robots. This will help the North American platform to decrease labor costs as automated software will enable swift sourcing of products.

It is also aiming to increase the profitability of brick-and-mortar retailers by offering tools for marketing, order processing, and payment transfers.

Hence, clever entrepreneurs can tap the thriving online grocery delivery trend. They can come out with an impressive Instacart clone app and take charge of the North American market soon.

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