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DS200NATOG2A: GE’s Mark V series scaling board

DS200NATOG2A belongs to the series Mark V GE Innovation series-AC drives. It is another excellent product General Electrics. DS200NATOG2A is also referred to as an attenuator or voltage feedback board. It also has the approval of various global agencies, such as the European Commission, Underwriter Laboratories, Cloud Security Alliance, etc.
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This card can diminish AC and DC voltages from various facilities and an SCR bridge upon proper installation. Therefore, this results in precise readings of voltage feedback from the SCR Bridge. However, to better understand the functions of a series scaling board, we need to know the working of AC drives and SCR; let us discuss these components.

SCR Bridge

SCR Bridge or Silicon Controller Rectifier modulates the load of voltage given to the motor and adjusts it accordingly. A rectifier ensures the current only flows in one direction, meanwhile blocking the flow from the other.

AC Drive 

Alternating current drive controls the speed of an electric motor to enhance the process control. This regulation is vital to diminish energy consumption and elevate proficiency in energy production. Additionally, it decreases mechanical stress on the application of motor control.

Mark V DS200

DS200NATOG2A is an integral part of the Mark V DS200. In comparison, Mark V DS200 belongs to long series of General Electric’s incredibly reliable Electro-Hydraulic Control System. This system is a vital component of the Gas and Steam turbine controls.

Mark V DS200 Control Configuration 

Mark V Speedtronic series has a triple modular redundant control system. It handles mid-size to large steam turbines equipped with redundant operator interfaces. solhan escort

Mark V’s core system comprises three similar controllers. Namely, R, S, and T control processors. These processors perform critical tasks like critical control algorithms, sequencing, and protecting functions. Subsequently, they also obtain the required data to produce outputs to the turbine. In addition, a P module is present with its separate triple redundant processors, namely, X, Y, and Z. These processors are responsible for providing some protection to various critical functions like Overspeed.

DS200NATOG2A interaction with components

This scaling board interacts with numerous boards. Some of them are:

VME Backplane 

The DS200NATOG2A configures with Versa Modula Europe bus. It is a computer standard and a scalable backplane bus interface. Moreover, it interfaces with the status board and gate distribution.

AC phases’ strings 

Three AC phases are present, each attached with an individual string connecting to a precision resistor. These strings modify the settings. The other two strings reach the positive and negative DC bus voltage.

These strings can be configured individually by the user to produce the following voltage inputs:

  • 1200 Volt input
  • 2200 Volt input
  • 3300 Volt input
  • 4200 Volt input
  • 6900 Volt input

Inbuilt metal oxide varistor

A varistor aids electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage applied. The five AC phases’ strings attach to a 20-pin ribbon header. An inbuilt metal oxide varistor helps in averting any spikes in case the output voltage increases over the threshold.

DS200NATOG2A identification

A series scaling board’s identification is made via an alphanumeric code embossed on its hardware. For instance, the DS200NATOG2A is the code for a specific General Electric scaling board.

This code has specific alphabets that specify the board’s revision level. Moreover, another specific numerical digit shows a functional change with no downward motion compatibility. One other number displays a revision level with downward compatibility. The G 2A represents the particular board’s variation.

Handling warning

The DS200NATOG2A board is a sensitive device. However, upon mishandling or improper treatment, it can be a hazardous item. The board can cause an electric shock or mild to severe burns.

It is strictly advised never to get in contact with the board or take any measurements if the board is receiving power from its source.

A DS200NATOG2A can be thousands of volts above the ground as it has its Silicon Controller Rectifier potential.

Manual instructions

DS200NATOG2A follows the manual GEI-100225. It has all the essential instructions needed to run Mark V series boards. In addition, the 3rd and 4th pages of this manual provide extensive educational literature to the user about setting the attenuator voltages with the help of jumpers, ribbon cable’s connection pin assignments, stab connectors, wire jumpers, etc.

It also comprises test points that are essential for the NATO board. Finally, it has a visual representation in table 5.

The manual further elaborates that the DS200NATOG2A is a base-level board. However, further innovations can improve its efficiency and compatibility.

DS200 Admonitions

Mark V Speedtronic DS200 series has had a long run. It has been around since the 1990s and has been compatible with various sizes of steam and gas turbines. Therefore, there are some crucial factors you need to keep in mind when buying a DS200NATOG2A board.

  • Always follow the instructions as per the manual’s guidelines. This rule applies to any replacement as well.
  • Moreover, the DS200 series has now stopped its production and is no longer producing; therefore, it is best to stock a supply of at least two to three cards panel, including DS200NATOG2A.

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