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Digital MarketingFeaturedSEO

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional

You must ensure that your marketing budget is used to the best advantage. You’ve probably heard that marketing strategies can be classified into two main categories: digital marketing and traditional advertising.

To aid you in finding the right equilibrium, we’ll identify both traditional and digital marketing and then examine the advantages and disadvantages. Then, we’ll offer you our opinions about the best way to use advertising.

What is traditional marketing?

“Non-digital marketing” might be the better term to describe traditional marketing. It speaks volumes about the direction the winds are blowing. Traditional marketing is “any type of marketing that isn’t online.”

According to this definition, traditional marketing is a practice that has existed since the beginning – the very first craftsman who drew the company’s name onto a wood signboard at the bazaar was engaged in traditional marketing. This is why nearly every brick-and-mortar company is involved in traditional advertising.

Other examples of traditional marketing include:

  • Billboards
  • TV ads
  • Newspaper ads
  • Telemarketing
  • Radio ads

We could go on and on, and if it’s online, it’s still traditional. It’s clear how interlinked traditional and online marketing is. You’re crossing streams if you’re using the URL in a traditional marketing strategy. In this instance this case, it’s good.

Traditional Marketing: Pros


We’re not historians, but we believe that the concept of traditional marketing has existed for longer than the written word, at least for a while. Fun fact pubs are named like “The King’s Head” because most patrons were not educated, yet they could recognize pictures of signs that were employed in lieu of words written.

This claims that traditional marketing gains from centuries of trial and trial. Digital marketing may draw on the same experiences, but it does not have the same precedents in history that traditional marketing does.


Although there isn’t a guarantee that every traditional marketing lasts for a long time (TV and radio advertisements tend to be pretty short-lived), some traditional marketing can last for years. From storefront signs to old magazines that people don’t toss away, traditional marketing is usually physical so that it can last long.

Influences attitudes

Traditional marketing isn’t typically something people actively participate in; they absorb it passively. This makes it ideally suited to changing consumer attitudes. It’s specifically designed to make customers like your brand more than they realize through familiarity. This makes it an excellent choice for global brands and is why you see ads for Coca-Cola even though everybody is aware of what Coca-Cola means.

Traditional Marketing: Cons

It isn’t easy to quantify

How many people come into your store because they are enthralled by the signage on the front or simply because they cannot get the jingle out of their ears? How do you begin to gauge this? There are ways. However, they’re not as accurate as the methods employed to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing.


The majority of traditional marketing isn’t expensive. You can paint scrap wood and attach it to the front of your store cheaply. Television ads and similar, however, are expensive.

More the granular

It’s a wide-ranging web with traditional marketing, and a lot of people will view your advertisement, and you’re hoping certain of them will take an interest in the product. This means that you cannot be as selective in your marketing strategies.

What is digital marketing?

Every aspect of your online marketing initiatives is considered to be digital marketing. Do you have your website? This is digital marketing. Social media accounts? Digital marketing. You’ll get the picture.

Other types of digital marketing are:

  • SEO
  • PPC ads
  • Email marketing

SEO is a particular area that stands out in the online marketing world because the way your rank in search engines is an indication of everything else you perform online. Social media and web design best practices are an obvious development to SEO best practices since most web traffic is routed via search engines.

Digital marketing Pros


Do you want to know more about analytics and data? Marketing digital is the best way to take it. Google, Facebook, and other major digital companies include analytics built into them – there’s an explanation for why we’re in the time of Big Data. Third-party digital marketing companies have also developed an analytics program of their own. Analyzing nearly anything you can think of using digital marketing is possible. And we can use that information to make our marketing more effective. Positive feedback loops are a good thing.


Have you decided that you would like to increase your share of the market among 40-55 years olds passionate about skating in Montreal? You can be this precise. Digital marketing is a great option for targeting one particular segment.

Changes behavior

If someone is searching for a “bike shop near me,” it’s likely that the plan they have over 24 hours is going to a bike store. This is how digital marketing affects behavior – if your site appears before your competition’s on Google and you’re on the first page, chances are quite high that they’ll be heading towards your bicycle shop.

However, if the bike shop isn’t listed in the results of a search, then you’re losing a potential customer. Digital marketing directly impacts the actions potential customers will do today.

Digital Marketing: Cons

Fastly evolving

It was 20 years ago that SEO was all about hiding keywords in your site’s background so that users would not see them. SEO nowadays is not like in the past. The landscape of digital changes quickly, and so does the digital marketing landscape. It’s impossible to continue doing the same thing that you used to do five years ago.

A bit more challenging to comprehend

Proper usage of this canonical element could keep your pages from harming their respective rankings on Google.

Suppose you’ve just thought, “Huh?” – you’re not the only one. The digital marketing industry has lots of deals with data-tracking and programming. It’s simple to see how a colorful, entertaining commercial on TV can inspire viewers. Still, it’s a bit more difficult to comprehend the motivation behind Google’s algorithm, allowing it to increase your rank.


Digital is inextricably linked. A poorly thought-out social media posting can result in negative reviews. This could deter people from visiting your site, which could lower your ranking on Google. You’ll need to keep an eye on the various moving components to benefit from digital marketing.

What type of marketing is best for your company?

The answer is certainly the same for both. In the current environment, we’d recommend that most businesses focus on marketing via digital channels.

Why? because you can get more for your buck and inspire behavior changes instead of attitudes. In the case of most small- to medium-sized enterprises, the main goal is attracting customers to your store. Brand recognition is built on positive word-of-mouth.

In addition, brick-and-mortar shops aren’t necessarily the be-all and final destination for retail purchases. E-commerce makes up around 15 percent of the total retail sales, and it’s only projected to grow.

This is why we established our SEO company in Edmonton, Alberta. We believe that SEO is the most effective method to spend your budget for advertising. The number of digital sales is only increasing, and digital marketing is the best way to move.

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