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Difference Between Exit Rate and Bounce Rate and How to Improve it?

Exit rate is often confused with the bounce rate of a website. Many website owners use these terms interchangeably and thus fail to leverage these metrics to benefit their business. It needs to be understood that though both exit and bounce rate are essential Google Analytics metrics and largely serve the same purpose, there is a big difference between the two. What is this difference and how do top website designing companies in Faridabad analyze and use the exit rate and bounce rate of websites to improve their content strategy and overall search engine ranking? Let’s find out.

A Brief about Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors that leave a website/ web page without showing even the slightest of interest. They leave almost immediately after landing on the page without engaging in any activity. There can be a number of reasons for this. It may be because of poor content quality, page loading issues, annoying visuals and so on.

A Brief about Exit Rate

A person who visits a website will eventually leave. Exit rate refers to the percentage of site visitors that leave your site but not as soon as they land. In this case, the visitor stays on the page for a while and engages with the content prior to leaving.

Difference between Exit Rate and Bounce Rate

The key difference between bounce rate and exit rate is quite clear from the information shared above. Interestingly, the method to calculate these two is also different.

Bounce rate is computed by adding the total number of bounces and dividing them with the total page views. Conversely, exit rate is calculated by adding the number of visitors that leave a site and comparing this figure with the total views of the page.

It should also be noted that the bounce rate metric is analyzed and assessed to identify the issues in the site that are turning the visitors away. Exit rate, on the other hand, helps assess the conversion rate of a website and understand how well it is helping the visitors.

Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy Considering the Exit Rate and Bounce Rate Analysis

Well known website designing companies in Faridabad analyze and use these metrics to improve their content strategy. How? Here are a few tips that can help you with it:

Assess the Performance

The bounce rate and exit rate of a website are clear indicators of how the website is performing. High bounce rate shows that the website is not engaging enough. It mostly has to do with the content of your page. If your website is seeing a high bounce rate then it is time to work on your content. It may be the visuals, text or the overall theme of the website. Dig deep to find out which of these aspects needs a re-work. However, before you go ahead with it, just make sure the page load speed of your website is good. In certain cases, the content is excellent but bounce rate is still high because of slow page loads.

If your website’s exit rate is accompanied by high completion goal rates then it means you are on the right track and need to maintain the standards you have set for your website. The time spent on the page must also be given consideration before coming to any conclusion. If the exit rate is high but the time spent on it is low then there may be something that needs to be fixed.

Enhance User Experience

These metrics also help understand the user experience. If you are unable to retain the visitors for a long time and the bounce rate is seemingly high then there are chances that the user experience on your site is not good. A deeper analysis of the exit rate also helps in understanding where the problem lies. You can improve the engagement and conversion rate of your website by working on it.

Post by Post Optimization of Content Strategy

By analyzing the bounce and exit rates, you shall be able to understand how well your posts are performing. To improve your content, you must follow a post by post optimization strategy after conducting a thorough analysis. Many website owners have done so and have witnessed an increase in their website traffic and decrease in the bounce rate as a result.

Different posts may require different strategies for improvisation. Some of your posts may require simplifying the terminology, others may require adjusting the language while yet others may be optimized by fixing visuals.

Improve Conversion Rate

When you get a clear understanding of the web pages that account for high bounce rate and the ones that are able to grab the user’s attention, you know exactly what to work on. It is suggested to make prominent changes in the pages that see high bounce rate so as to make them more engaging and increase your conversion rate. Changes may be required in the theme of the page, its content, graphics and/ or the placement of the Call to Action button.

In a nutshell, exit rate and bounce rate are two completely different metrics used to derive different results. Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors that exit your website immediately after visiting it without engaging in any activity or clicking on any of the links on the page.

On the other hand, exit rate refers to the number of visitors who exit the website after spending some time on it. They may engage in one or multiple activities before leaving. The purpose of analyzing both these rates is to find out how a website is performing and consequently work upon improving its overall performance. We recommend seeking professional SEO services in Faridabad to work on these aspects efficiently and get ahead of your competitors. Experienced web designing and SEO professionals know how to analyze these rates and leverage them to enhance the user experience and ultimately the business. Thus, the key is to hire a skilled and trustworthy professional to manage the task for you. https://www.thetechlog.com/

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