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Debunking Node Development Myths and Stating The Facts

Planning to hire Node developer to help you develop software for your business? There is confusion about this technology and many people often mistake Node’s true identity. You must make sure they are clear about the technology. 

The best way to eliminate confusion surrounding Node app development is to debunk myths and state the facts!

As an investor, it is also important for you to have some knowledge about the technology that you will use. To give you a clearer idea about Node development, here are some of the myths debunked. 

Common Node.JS Myths and The Facts

A lot of incorrect information can find its way around. But sometimes it is important to get the truth so it doesn’t affect your business and software. 

1. Myth: Node.JS is a framework

Fact: Node.JS is NOT a framework or a programming language!

A huge misconception that surrounds NodeJS is whether it is a framework or a programming language. The truth is it is neither! Consider NodeJS as a JavaScript tool. 

It acts as a framework capable of developing scalable applications that depend on an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. A unique benefit of Node development is that client-side and server-side development requires just a single language (JavaScript). 

You might still have the question ‘what category does NodeJS fall under’? NodeJS qualifies as a Java Runtime Environment. Basically, this is software that is used to execute other types of software. 

2. Myth: Node is not as productive and efficient as other technologies

Fact: JavaScript-based Node is the ideal development aid.

The JavaScript programming language easily presents itself as the easiest and most used way to develop applications in the browser! 

Why use extremely difficult languages when you can instead use JavaScript-based NodeJS? That’s what should come to mind when it is time to consider what programming language to use. Node is essentially part of JavaScript tools that every developer should master. 

Since Node uses JavaScript, it runs on multiple operating systems. Making it an appealing choice for people looking to just make one software to run on multiple devices. 

3. Myth: Node.JS doesn’t support multi-threads

Fact: Node.JS concurrent request handling mechanism 

So NodeJS doesn’t make use of a multi-threaded request-response architecture. Instead, you can describe it as a single-threaded asynchronous event-driven runtime based on JavaScript

This allows NodeJS applications to be executed rapidly when run in a browser. That said, NodeJS offers performance speeds that are fast for a technology that is just a JavaScript runtime environment! 

4. Myth: Beginner developers can’t cope with Node.JS

Facts: Node.JS is completely based on JavaScript. Anyone who knows JavaScript will manage to develop with Node.JS 

How does the learning curve for NodeJS stack up against a range of other frameworks and programming languages? Not that bad actually! NodeJS comes with a considerable amount of documentation. Making it easy for anyone to learn it and use it efficiently to their will. 

With enough practice, developers get a chance to master JavaScript and NodeJS. Developers having used JavaScript previously will benefit the most from the NodeJS ecosystem.

Other Node.JS Development Facts

There is so much more to NodeJS! So many reasons why developers prefer it when dealing with JavaScript. These are some properties of NodeJS that are essential to know. 

Node Package Manager (NPM)

Another pleasing feature of NodeJS is the fact that the Node Package Manager (NPM) is present by default. The NPM is one of the most defining features of NodeJS and has been instrumental in harboring its popularity.

Within the NPM is a database of packages known as a registry. This collection of databases provides the ability to develop web applications with the host of modules available through the NPM.

No need to worry about a lack of knowledge since Node comes with more than enough documentation and instrumentation.    

Google Backing

The same engine that powers Google Chrome also powers NodeJS, it is the V8 engine.  

The V8 engine works by the Just In Time (JIT) compilation method. This means it first converts the native JavaScript code to machine code. The V8 engine unlike other JavaScript engines does not produce any intermediate code. 

When a Node JS developer runs a program on the V8 engine, it requires the Ignition interpreter to first compile JavaScript code and unoptimized machine code. After this, Turbofan and Crankshaft (components of the V8) analyze and re-compile the machine code on runtime. 

JSON For Support

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) does make the NodeJS ecosystem that much more pleasant and preferable for developers. JSON is much easier to comprehend than XML language. 

It is a lightweight data format applicable for storing or transporting data. For example, this applies when data needs to be sent from a server to a web page. 

Using JSON allows developers to easily develop APIs of their specific requirements. JSON happens to be one of the pillars of the Javascript ecosystem making development much faster and easier. 

Large Developer Friendly Community

The Node.JS community is open to anyone wishing to benefit from or contribute to the Node code. New code compiled as modules can be easily published to the public repository to help other community members benefit from it.

There are almost 475,000 packages to utilize in the Node Package Manager alone! All of these are available for unrestricted use by your developers for your business. 

The best part of making this sharing possible is the fact that Node.JS is open-sourced. You will not require a license in order to use Node.JS. 

What Applications Is Node.JS Best Used For?

A number of big names have already put their weight behind Node.JS for developing stable and pleasant web applications. Some of the standout names include LinkedIn, PayPal, NASA, etc. 

What kind of application development does NodeJS specialize in? 

Chat applications

NodeJS is excellent at handling real-time processes such as chat applications. Why is that so? Node is capable of handling multiple users, large data amounts, and multiple devices running consecutively. 

Streaming applications

NodeJS works by processing HTTP requests as data streams, this can act as an advantage depending on your requirements. This can be applied when making audio and video encoding applications. 


One should not be in a rush to rule our Node app development! Just because it does not strictly conform to either the framework or programming language category doesn’t mean it’s useless. 

It is quite the opposite actually. NodeJS asserts itself as one of the most useful JavaScript tools that a developer can use. At least now, some doubts have been cleared from your mind! You can decide if you want to hire Node developers for your project.

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