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Cybersecurity Insurance: Reasons Companies Are Turned Down

In the modern world, Applied Cyber Solutions are a necessity for any business. As a result, insurers are reluctant to offer claims due to the growing demand and threat of attacks. Listed below are some of the best ways to avoid having insurance claims rejected, and what organizations can do to ensure they will receive the coverage they need.

Security measures are not preventative

Cyber insurance policies are denied to companies for the most obvious reason: inadequate cybersecurity controls. Companies that fail to protect their own networks and systems will not be eligible for cyber insurance because the risk of doing business with them outweighs any benefits they may get from working with them. Insurance agencies will refuse to process a claim for any company that cannot provide proof of security measures that are either internal or provided by a third-party managed service provider (MSP). This is because any vulnerability they have is extremely high.

Having difficulty demonstrating proper security measures

Cyber insurance agencies often have difficulty verifying that companies are implementing strong security measures and following strict preventative measures during their operations. The best way to prevent insurance agencies from paying claims is to make sure companies take all preventative measures possible to protect themselves from cybersecurity attacks. A prospective client’s network security must be sufficiently protected before an insurance claim can be offered. Because cyber-attacks are complex and constantly evolving, companies that do not specialize in cybersecurity may have difficulty proving how effective their system is without assistance from a third-party security company.

The security of endpoints is inadequate

If companies hope to receive an insurance payout, they should use a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. It is no longer reliable to solely rely on antivirus software for preventative security, as reflected in insurance policies. Insurance companies pay particular attention to the security of endpoints. An insurance claim can be denied in a hurry if a company does not have proper endpoint detection and response tools.

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