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Web Hosting

Colocation Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

In the Internet age, technology has developed an important place in our lives, as it connects, carries, and manages the various tasks related to the online operations of any organization.  Every organization’s operational success depends to a large extent on its business-critical applications and the efficiency of using the internet. Hence, it has become vital for companies to have an IT infrastructure that is efficient to enhance productivity levels. Regardless of whether an organization/business setting up its IT infrastructure for the first time or they are migrating from an in-house solution to a cloud solution, Such organization needs to find the most effective cloud solution that caters to its requirements and fulfill their client needs, suits their budget and boosts the organization’s productivity. Two of the most frequently common hosting solution are Colocation India and cloud. The aim of this post is to provide precise information about each hosting.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation services are provided by web hosting providers that have built-in facilities for colocation centers. These are essentially data centers that rent bandwidth, equipment, and rent that space to their clients. The necessary facilities with regard to providing space, power, storage, and cooling are offered in collocation service, also ensuring the physical security of servers and networking equipment of the client organizations.

  • Colocation services offer a cost-effective way for server hosting solutions to different companies, which always try to aids in minimizing the complexities of their IT infrastructures’ management.
  • When companies have in-house equipment servers resources they need to be well-equipped and they need to have a proper team that can handle the tremendous power and cooling requirements to run such resources smoothly.
  • This becomes an additional expense for the company that can become quite massive in the long run. The effort and the expense that is needed in considerably running these server hosting resources, wherein the services of a third-party colocation data center are availed.
  • In colocation, a company’s server and computing resources are placed in a third-party data center and its bandwidth and infrastructure are used for the purpose of processing data.
  • In colocation, the client company retains its servers’ ownership and utilizes the colocation server hosting facilities to gain access to more bandwidth with enhanced security.
  • Many times, colocation services include agreements that are connected with the server management and maintenance, which are separate services that are offered as per listed plans by the colocation server hosting provider.
  • This server hosting aids in such a manner that it is not required for companies to send their own IT experts to the colocation center regularly.

In a nutshell, colocation has proven to be a very beneficial server hosting, which enables businesses/ organizations to store their servers and use computing resources in a secure colocation center, that provides public IP addresses, bandwidth, takes care of power supply and cooling requirements that are needed by client’s servers and IT resources.

Benefits of Colocation

Colocation has a lot of share of benefits, which shall be touched upon in this section of the post: –

  • Colocation as a service can be utilized by different companies of all sizes because of the various benefits that it offers. It helps small businesses to reap their benefits by using powerful IT infrastructure, without having to invest in heavy capital investment. It also lets medium to large-size businesses expand with their existing IT infrastructure in a very cost-effective way.
  • The another major benefit of colocation server hosting is to do with ensuring better connectivity and providing enhanced reliability, scalability, security, power redundancy, and bursting capability. Moreover, colocation server hosting lets your company expand infrastructure quickly and let you manage growing business requirements efficiently, without incurring substantial capital expenditure for any IT operations.
  • Colocation not only ensures better connectivity but also provides improved security to the clients, as the colocation centers implement high security, which includes the latest networking firewalls and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Power redundancy is also assured by colocation server hosting by the following very effective maintenance processes and by using a combination of different resources like – (multiple power grids, dual backup systems, etc.).
  • Furtherly it offers clients bursting capability, to utilize higher bandwidths for accommodating their high web traffic demand without having to incur capital expenditures.
  • Last but not the least, if a company is choosing cloud migration as a solution for the near future, then the colocation ensures a seamless transfer by enabling the company to move its own IT equipment to an off-site facility.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the other types of web hosting service in which different servers are utilized for load balancing and for maximizing the uptime of the web applications/ mobile applications. Rather than using a single server, a website utilizes multiple resources from a centralized pool, enabling it to run seamlessly. When one server fails, the other server resources will make the website up and running. Every client/ business gets a certain amount of the cloud cluster, which uses the resources of a centralized pool. Cloud solutions enable clients to spread their data across different servers that are interconnected with existing in a virtual environment.

Web hosting companies provide server space and the necessary web hosting services and technologies that render website accessibility over the Internet.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • The main benefits of cloud hosting are that it makes it easy to scale server resources, provides high uptime, scalability, reliability, and availability, along with faster website speed. It along offers flexible pricing plans as one pays only for the number of server resources that have been consumed.
  • Another advantage of Cloud hosting India is to ensure a quick setup process for servers. Cloud hosting servers are deployed in no time without any hassle. Cloud hosting offers easier load balancing among different server environments.
  • The advantages of cloud hosting make it a popular choice for businesses and more and more companies are now migrating towards cloud hosting to derive its benefits.


A business always takes new steps with their existing IT infrastructure with regard to its expansion plans and future goals, along with its financial expenses, and then choose between colocation and cloud hosting. Colocation and cloud hosting, a company is better positioned to ensure that it opts for the best cloud hosting solution to enhance its productivity and meet with their client’s requirements and also aims in the most cost-effective way.

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