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Are You Looking For A New Solid State Hybrid Drive?

If you’ve been interested in getting a new SSD drive to upgrade your computer, but you’ve been hesitating because they are just so expensive, then it would probably be a good idea for you to get the next best thing which is a solid-state hybrid drive. Check online for a new and refurbished Internal Solid State Drive in India.


This type of drive is incredible when it comes to performance, and you really aren’t going to lose out on anything as far as speed and space are concerned.


So let’s take a quick look at the Seagate Momentous XT 500 GB 2.5 Inch Solid-State Hybrid Drive right now.


The reason why this drive is so awesome when you compare it to other SSD drives is that it only will cost you a fraction of the price.


And since it’s a hybrid that contains both parts of a regular hard disk drive and a solid-state drive, you will be able to get the same type of storage capacity but you’ll also be able to get it very inexpensively.


This obviously is a goal of a lot of people since regular SSD drives are very expensive right now, and I know your bank account will certainly be happy if you only have to spend a couple hundred dollars as opposed to spending over $1000 in a lot of cases.

Features of Seagate Momentous XT 500 GB

Let’s now take a quick look at some of the amazing features that are available to you when you use the Seagate Momentous XT 500 GB 2.5 Inch Solid-State Hybrid Drive:


even though it’s a hybrid drive, it truly performs just like a regular SSD drive and you really have the same options available to you as far as capacity goes it’s just you’re going to pay a smaller price


the brand-new solid-state hybrid drive from Seagate also has a really cool form of technology called adaptive memory technology which will let your drive have the ability to customize the way that it performs so that it’s able to intuitively speed up certain programs that you use regularly and other really neat things like that


the solid-state hybrid drive actually has the ability to perform about 80 times quicker than a regular 7200 – RPM drive, so this is very appealing because you are absolutely going to get the same speed that you are looking to achieve with a regular SSD


So, if you are looking for an awesome drive and you really don’t know whether or not you should get an SSD or a solid-state hybrid drive, then I really recommend you pick up the Seagate Momentous XT 500 GB 2.5 Inch Solid-State Hybrid Drive today.


Best Solid State Hard Drives: The Top Three With Two Honorable Mentions

The big companies dominating the hard disk drive industry like Toshiba, Buffalo, and Western Digital. That is among others seem to be absent in the list of the best solid state hard drives. sivrihisar escort


This emerging technology has been dominated by the new players of the industry.


Those relatively new companies who began as a startup years ago and were not afraid to venture into this new storage technology occupied the sweet spots of the list.


The list of the best solid state hard drives is about storage capacities comparable to that of hard disk drives ranging between 64 and 640 GB. But with sequential read and write speeds reaching up to 355 megabytes per second (mbps) and 275 Mbps, respectively.


These speeds topple even those of the best hard disk drives currently available.


Of course, other considerations such as portability of the storage device and its compatibility with the current interface technologies are important.


Support for self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T.). It  is also essential along with the capabilities to implement TRIM commands for efficiently allocating free storage space.


OCZ Vertex 2


At $210, the Vertex 2 manufactured by OCZ Technology, which was founded in 2002. This tops the list with amazingly fast random write rates at 50,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS).


It is certainly a drastic improvement over the old Vertex SSD. The SandForce controller along with integrated caching makes the device very efficient.


Second on the list is Agility 2 produced by the same company.


It is a little expensive at $225 and with similar specifications as the Vertex 2. Such as sequential read and write speeds of up to 285 and 275 Mbps, respectively.


Both devices also have very long life expectancy rated at 2 million hours. That measured in mean time between failure (MTBF) standard.


Nonetheless, the Agility 2 is inferior with regards to random write achieving only up to 10,000 IOPS.


Corsair Force


With a price close to $300, Corsair Force also uses the SandForce controller which enables high-performance storage.


It has a better random write rate over the Agility 2 at 15,000 IOPS but with poor client support.


Overall, the Corsair Force is a tough competitor in the industry.


Crucial RealSSD C300


With a price sitting in between that of OCZ Vertex 2 and Corsair Force. Crucial RealSSD C300 at $250 sports the most sizable onboard cache at 256 MB.


It has the fastest sequential read speed of up to 355 Mbps. But is matched with a slower sequential write speed at 140 Mbps.


Random write is also commendable at 30,000 IOPS. Furthermore, client support is also excellent.


Other brands joining the list of the best solid state hard drives. That include Patriot Memory Torqx M28 and Kingston SSD Now V+.


With more players entering the industry and with technologies continually developing, SSDs are becoming cheaper and more efficient.

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