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Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Drawing Ideas

Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Drawing Ideas

At no extra cost, with just watercolors, gouaches, paper, drawing ideas, and stuff from the kitchen drawers, you can turn your little one’s day into a painting marathon!

  1. Painting on aluminum foil

With a piece of aluminum foil and a cotton swab, the child can experiment to his heart’s content: spirals, lines, curls, chaotic or orderly, all will look great on a silver background. After that, you can stick the foil on a white sheet of paper and cut out a funny pattern from it, like this little fish created by Valentina’s little girl.

  1. Painting with bubble wrap

My little painter had a lot of fun stamping the paper with a piece of bubble wrap. He also tried the version with the sheet as a stamp, and vice versa, putting the sheet over the foil abundantly greased with paint. From the paper thus painted, after drying, I cut different shapes with which I made collages and greeting cards.

  1. Paint on baking paper

Valentina, who is an English teacher, likes to give her young students special experiences. They learned how to say yellow sun by painting it with ear sticks on baking paper. The fine paper allowed children to experiment with playful patterns in the yellow sun.

  1. Painting with kitchen sponges

What could be simpler than that drawing ideas? But she becomes magical if you slip a little glitter in the paints, as Antoaneta did for her children! And if you have a few plastic templates, the little ones can paint them on top with a kitchen sponge. When you remove the template, the printed image remains, very beautiful!

  1. Potato stamp stars

Half a potato, a knife to cut a star with, and here’s an original stamp. Adriana’s little boy was super excited about the idea! With such a stamp, the little ones can decorate the wrapping paper for the gift prepared for their grandparents’ holidays.

  1. Celery tailed roses

Didn’t the roses stamped by Adela’s little girl look perfect, with a simple celery tail soaked in red paint? How many paintings with flower gardens can come out of the hands of skilled painters!

  1. Portraits are blown with a straw

How about proposing to the little painter to make family portraits, but styled differently, with haircuts adjusted from… well? It’s a funny idea proposed by Ema, a “different” teacher, worthy of all admiration. This idea is also on our list of drawing ideas activities.

  1. Fork painting

Disposable forks are very versatile. With them, you can paint grass, tulips, and even the mane of a fierce lion, like the one from Valentine’s workshop, inspired by the story “Hetty and the lion”.

  1. Painting with soap bubbles

Even Mariana thought the idea of creating a seascape with foam balloons was great, especially since the fun is twofold. The little one first makes balloons with straw, then tries to capture the foam on paper to represent the waves of the sea.

  1. Colored rice

Color the rice with watercolors, let it dry, and then arrange it in contrasting layers in jars. It is a relaxing occupation for both children and the adult who gives them a helping hand. You can read more details about this activity on the Notebook for my house blog.

Whether it’s math with beans, interesting experiments with vinegar and baking soda, original paintings or snacks made entirely by the little ones, we must admit that education begins in the kitchen! And, speaking of this, here are another series of ideas to fill the days of the little ones: 6 experiments to do with children in the kitchen.

Source: The tech log

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