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Advanced SEO Techniques for 2022

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, it’s about creating content so that someone searching for something relevant to them in a search engine like Google or Bing will come across the content you have posted.

Search engines use different algorithms to decide what content to display after a search query is entered. They generally try to determine which posts are more “professional”. To this end, they rank articles and websites based on many different factors.

If you know the parameters that search engines consider, you can use the algorithm to your own advantage. And that’s what we mean by “optimizing” a blog post or webpage so that a search engine can easily find it. Algorithms distinguish between different posts, articles, etc., for a reason. They want their users to have the best experience, so they need to take a number of variables into account when displaying different search results.

How many times have you actually checked the other pages of your search results? And how many times have you scrolled to the bottom of the search results page? It’s great to be at the top of the rankings and seen by everyone who types in a relevant search term. But the competition is fierce, and it gets harder every year. So here are some advanced techniques that an accredited SEO company in India may use to improve the SEO status of its clients.

Visit the Past

This is perhaps one of the easier tasks. Most content on the internet becomes outdated very quickly. The world is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. The best thing to do is get the content you already have in order. Even if it doesn’t seem reasonable, facts change. If posts contain sources, they may be outdated, or there may be new and better ones that did not exist at the time of writing.

There is also the problem of dates and references. Cultural references become obsolete so quickly. Year references also change. This may not surprise you, but if you do not modify the year in an article, it loses relevance over time.

For example, the title of this article only works if we are in the year 2022. An article titled “Advanced SEO Techniques for 2022” is not something you would click on next year, right?

As for cleaning up the past, get rid of posts that are not performing well and can not be improved. Let them go and focus on new, improved content that you can create with your past experience.

Picking Keywords With Precision

A fundamental part of learning SEO is using the right keywords. However, a more advanced strategy might be to use keywords that target journalists. They are a great target audience because they search for more specific keywords than the general public, and they do so mainly for research or statistics.

So if a journalist uses your website, they will likely cite the information they use, which is basically free marketing for you. So how can you attract journalists to your article? You need to use keywords that they are likely to search for because they are just as human as anyone else and will probably choose the first websites that a search engine shows them.

Another thing regarding keywords is the “vs” trick. Many of us use the internet not only to search for a specific thing but also to compare it to something else. This makes it easier to explain both “things” at once. This way you reach people who are relatively familiar with the two things and want to know more about them, and you don’t have as much competition since there are not many keywords that contain “vs”.

Make Sure People Spend Time

One of the best ways to reduce reading time is to use relevant images. Diagrams, for example, are a great way to clarify what you are writing about, to give your text a more professional image so that both readers and search engines recognize that you know what you are talking about, and to extend the reading time of the article without making it boring.

But that’s not all. Animated images are the holy grail among all the images you can use for your article. They are more dynamic and make the reader take their time to see what happens next. In tutorials, for example, animated images can be used very well.

Bottom Line

SEO services in India or elsewhere use techniques that are easy to learn but difficult to implement successfully to improve a page’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP). The best posts are excellently written and amazingly structured so that a search engine can easily recognize them. Therefore, getting a professional opinion from SEO experts is highly recommended. Contact us and get started today.

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