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7 Brands that Redesigned their Logos in 2021

2021 was the year of changes, we have seen many brands transitioning from the old branding ways to the new ones and they are constantly reviving. In the past few years, there have been various changes in the way the brands see themselves and how they want the world to perceive them. It’s not just the regular brands but some pretty well-known brands have also brought some changes in their logos to reenter the market with the new identity. However, we do not really understand the main reason behind it. There could be a long list of things that can be the reason behind it.

However, for now, we are going to discuss the brands that have redesigned or changed their logos with brief reasoning as well. Even some of the best brands that we regularly use have altered or slightly transformed their logo and there definitely is a solid reason behind it. Nevertheless, the thing that we need to think about is what elements throughout the transition have changed? What elements have been made to the new logo? And everything that needs to be discussed.

Without any further ado, let us jump into the list of the brands that have been through some branding changes and redefined their brand identity.

1) Meta (Facebook Formerly)

We all have been crazy users of this brand, daily scrolling it down and keeping in touch with the world and technology, Facebook has changed our lives in both the professional and personal manner. The rebranding of Facebook may not be the best of all but it is definitely one of the most powerful rebranding. The new identity of it claims a drastic shift even in our social landscape. The symbol of infinity brings an improvement to the text of the old Facebook logo however, the new name of it has definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Meta facebook

We all can agree to the fact that Meta has taken a huge step in order to colonize the metaverse even before it is constructed. We should give the credit where it is due, it is definitely real and subtle. agario unblocked

2) Burger King

Burger King has always been our go-to fast-food chain for our late-night cravings. We all have been crazy fans of this place and have been eating it all our lives. The redesigning of this brand has been our favorite because of our interest in it. The start of 2021 for Burger King was with the whopping rebranding. Minimalism is the key to the heart of the customers as they have always been a fan of simple and minimalistic things. It brings in both nostalgia and minimalism as they are seeing the top in the popularity in the logo designs of the world.


After the passage of two decades, the giant fast-food has changed the colors of the logo and has shifted back to the basics. When we play on the 90s designs the update on the creative agency to make the brand less artificial and synthetic and made it more real and tasty. However, we all need to understand that one of the most basic and effective ways to provide instant brand personality is brand colors. You have to be pretty thoughtful while you have to choose the logo colors and all the characters that you are trying to depict through your brand personality.

3) Pfizer

Pfizer Logo

During the rise of the recent attention, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies has recently unveiled a new symbol and logo that has changed the old design of the capsules. The new positive space of the logo go 2021 s=is dynamic and has been missing before which is pretty familiar since the font elements have retained the legacy of the brand for the coming decade. porno izle

4) Planters

Planters Logo

The logo of the Planters “refresh” is a pretty good example of building off the current elements of the logo that is already recognizable. Without shaking off the real nature of originality, the new logo of Planters is fun, confident, and sturdy. The addition of the proper line on the font top provides eight along with the dark blue color selection from the logo of 2019 as it complements the overall choice effectively.

5) GM

GM Logo

The name of the company is known for the world and everybody knows about it, it joins the ranks of all the other manufacturers of the car that are stripping down all their branding to usher in the digital and new electric era. Flatter, GM logo’s lowercase, sleeker and more streamlines show a representation of the clean skies of the emissions of zero future. It further includes the Ultium battery platform’s energy.

6) CIA

CIA logo

The time for CIA has come when they have finally changed their logo which has been going on for years and the kind of logo that does not really go with the brand. The logo has finally been to look like the concealed night of techno in the basement of Williamsburg. The logo is the perfect front and depicts what the brand is about and how it should be portrayed.

7) Renault

Renault Logo

The geometric and the simple logo of the new emblem add the movement of the Renault which was lacking in the old logo. It has double lines which symbolized the wheels of cars on the road. The simple use of the line in order to create the depth that gives the logo that is modern and its direction and continuity is subtle yet effective.

Pro-tip: You need to think about creating movement and depth in the logo despite it being super flat. You should be positive and smart using the negative space and play around while using interesting lines.


Nicole is a Digital Marketing professional based in New York, who has over four years of experience working with InGenious Guru. Nicole's expertise includes social media marketing, SEO optimization, and email marketing.

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