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7 Best Lawyer Websites You Need To See

Best Lawyer Websites

The finest lawyer websites design has clear website goals that are carefully targeted at their High-Value Customers. You, like everyone else, desire a perfect lawyer website design that attracts clients. Instead of doing it yourself, you should hire a professional web design and development agency to create your website.

Best Lawyer Website Design

Lawyer websites come in many shapes and sizes and are most effective. They creatively emphasize a firm’s distinctive branding while still providing customers with the information they want.

Need some ideas before you revamp your own firm’s website? Here are some of the most amazing lawyer website designs from around the internet. Let’s have a look at it.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

When it comes to the best website design for lawyers, the West Coast Trial Lawyers business landing page is a great example of doing different things effectively. They have simple navigation in the upper right-hand corner. Just beneath a visible phone number next to a banner that says “free consultations/ no costs unless we win.” This not only demonstrates their confidence in their expertise. They also provide viewers an incentive to call by reminding them that there is no danger or expense. They also prominently display their Yelp and Google rankings. All of these will undoubtedly wow site visitors.

Gomez Trial Attorneys

Gomez Trial Attorneys’ website is one of the greatest in the legal field. Visitors who come to their website for the first time understand what to expect from the legal company and what action they must do right away. The visitors obtain a free case evaluation. The streamlined web organization of Gomez Trial Attorneys makes navigating simple. They also feature significant industry authorities who endorse them, such as the BBC and CNN. Including recommendations from well-known industry experts and firms on your website will greatly increase your reputation.


Tikkit’s vast content is what sets it apart. When a visitor lands on their homepage, they are invited to download the Tikkit app. This is significant because it alleviates any concerns about the initial expense of legal services. In addition, to the problems that a potential client with legal issues may be experiencing. They excel at highlighting their knowledge through content marketing and blogging on practice-related topics. Furthermore, the design is compelling, directing viewers to CTAs and other vital information.

Bend Law Group

All of the finest lawyer website designs put a huge focus on branding and conveying their message to visitors as soon as they land on the page. Bend Law Group does this spectacularly with an eye-catching site header that states “Dream big. We’ve got your back.” Bend has also been featured in several reputable publications. The firm’s homepage prominently features top reviews from Super Lawyer, Avvo, and Yelp. Finally, the company clearly displays its phone number, address, and email address so that potential clients may readily reach them.


Large images take up a lot of space on the page, which is offset by minimal but effective text. For many users, this strategy might be a smart method to convey. Ogilvie is a business that doesn’t spend time with unnecessary speech and instead gets to the point. Throughout the site, there are multiple distinct CTA (call to action) buttons. Each CTA illuminates in yellow as you hover over it. The effect both catches the user’s attention and motivates them to click, hopefully leading them to the point of conversion.

Shumway Van

Shumway Van’s website makes it simple for visitors to access whatever information they may be looking for on the homepage. They feature distinct, specialized websites that allow visitors to acquire as much information as they desire at any one time. Shumway Van’s team section exemplifies how you may assist potential clients to connect with the individuals who will be servicing them.

Tremain Artaza

The main page of Tremain Artaza covers numerous frequent issues that clients may have when it comes to law right away. The common individual may be wary of attorneys or wants a clean traffic ticket record without any complexities of legal concerns. This website makes an attempt to alleviate these fears. Another notable aspect of this website is its fantastic FAQ area. Since legal matters are so complicated, including an FAQ section on a law firm’s website can significantly reduce the number of inquiries from clients, saving everyone time and money.


Laws might be dry, but your lawyer’s website design does not have to be. These finest lawyer website designs are proof of that, and they may all help to inspire you before you develop or redesign your own.

What are your thoughts? Which of the following lawyer website designs was your favorite? Do you have any more amazing examples to share? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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