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Digital Marketing

6 Things to Consider As You Hire an Influencer Talent Agency in New York

This is the era of influencer marketing. Upon reflection, the media plans we have used for decades have now run out of gas, and it’s vital we stay ahead of the digital changes anticipated in 2022 to avoid being left behind. Choosing the right kind of influencer talent agency for your business is a crucial job. In this age of democratic media consumption, consumers can easily opt out of traditional advertisements.

They choose what and who to listen to. Even if you see the social media platforms closely, you can easily find out what’s going on. For example, Instagram has become more video and shopping-oriented. We see a new form of exchange, the attention economy, which involves brands producing entertaining and appealing content to gain customer attention. We must admit, the digital market is becoming crowded or let’s say saturated.

New York is known as the trendsetter and buzz maker in the media and entertainment industry throughout the world. Influencer talent agencies in New York have become a booming industry where outstanding content is produced by social media creators every day. This is why your brand needs to stand out in this crowded digital market.

Here are 6 things an influencer talent agency must pass before you hire them for your precious brand.

  • Vivid Influencer Pool

With each passing day, more people are joining social media and are becoming influencers. Truth is, not all are best for you. You should look for vivid talent resources in New York. Your brand is unique and needs the right influencer to represent it.  It is not enough to just sign an influencer with thousands (and sometimes millions) of followers. You could quickly become the victim of a PR nightmare if your brand’s values do not align with your influencers. At the same time, influencers with the right mixture of skill and personality can build a much stronger relationship with customers and can increase a brand’s credibility. Researching influencers is crucial and it is possible only when you have enough options in your hand.

  • Creative Content Creator 

The right advertisement is telling a good story to the right people at the right time. The question is how should the right story be told? Well, it is different for every brand, but a good agency must have a native content creator and also plan user-generated content that connects the audience actively with the promotion. Content is the primary concern of consumers. They easily can filter out the glossy and overtly advertising content. Research shows the average click-through rate on paid display advertising has fallen to 0.47%. In other words, 99.53 per cent of impressions do not inspire consumers to click and act. Your content must be creative, authentic, and most importantly engaging.

  • Good relationships count 

Does your agency have a good relationship with your influencer? It helps. If your business earns a reputation as a difficult brand to collaborate with, you may find influencers unwilling to accept your collaborations unless you earn a reputation or get recommended as a good one. Long-term collaboration brings numerous advantages, including more committed influencers, real-world endorsements, and consistent user engagement. Conflicts and disagreements are more likely to occur if your agency doesn’t communicate the expectations. To have a happy, honest, and dedicated partner, your agency should have a good relationship with the influencers.

  • Competitor insight

Knowing your competitor’s brand is a smart choice. Crafting a unique plan starts with knowing who are the players in your industry. An effectively collaborating agency will always assess your brand’s competition. A competitive analysis will allow you to learn what the competition is doing well (and what they’re not). Additionally, it will allow you to see opportunities. It helps to choose the platform correctly. For instance, you may be competing with a competitor who is dominant on Facebook but not so much on Twitter or Instagram. Instead of trying to win fans away from a dominant player, try focusing on networks where your target audience is underserved.

  • Audits and GAP analysis 

You assign an agency to work for your brand but if they do not allow you to see what’s working or not working, the gaps won’t be bridged. Does your agency allow you to audit the ongoing process including – audience engagement percentage, platform effectiveness, content reviews, imposter account encounter options? Dig deep before hiring your influencer talent agency.

  • An umbrella that covers all metrics

All talk but no walk – that should not be the scenario. A good agency must walk ahead of its partner’s expectations. Let’s talk about few important things here.

  1. Accurate and reliable data, which is used to indicate brand awareness among the consumers such as @mentions, shares, links, and impressions.
  2. Periodic report on reach increase or decrease.
  3. Engagement rate of posts and overall engagement rate of consumers.
  4. Forecasting the number of potential consumers expected to view a post during a reporting period.
  5. Detail insight of customer journeys for your brand.
  6. Applause rate (account of likes, listing as a favourite, saving).
  7. Amplification rate (Your followers become more willing to associate themselves with your brand the higher your amplification rate is).
  8. Bounce rate (The per cent of people that visit your post and then leave without acting).
  9. Customer testimonials.
  10. Customer satisfaction rate.
  11. Accurate ROI of your investment.


The last few years have brought digital brands exceptional growth opportunities. In the coming years, those that lag will start to suffer. These were just some of the considerations to keep in mind as you choose an influencer talent agency in New York. Choosing wisely before investing is always a smart decision.

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