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5 tips to avoid copyright problems on Soundcloud

Let me tell you up front that this post will not solve all of your copyright difficulties on Soundcloud in one fell swoop. Before you create false hopes and believe that this piece is going to fix your copyright problems in Soundcloud, let me inform you that it would be better if you spent your time doing something else because this article will not be a miracle.

These tips come from my experience with Soundcloud for more than 5 years and more specifically from the last year, in which I have been and am a premium user and I have been able to upload much more content and observe some patterns that it constantly repeats to derive which files They comply with their copyright policies and which ones do not.

Take this article as a small guide with useful information and not as a 100% safe manual so that you can upload whatever you want to Soundcloud.

If you are a regular user of Soundcloud, you should not ignore this tool: Soundcloud mp3 downloader.

1. Try not to download your music directly from Soundcloud

It seems somewhat illogical and more so considering that one of the great differences of Soundcloud with respect to its most immediate competitor, Mixcloud, is that the first one allows downloading.

SoundCloud occasionally deletes sessions that contain topics that have previously been discussed, such as uploading a session with previously mentioned themes and allowing the download in many circumstances. The goal is to copy the session and post it on another website, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or any file hosting service (preferably one that does not expire), then include a link to it in Soundcloud using the Buy option that appears in all of your files. Normally, you would offer a Free Download or Free Download in the Buy section so that your fans are aware of the possibility of downloading the file.

download your music directly from Soundcloud

2. The first and second topics in a session are the most prone to copyright issues on Soundcloud

This may appear to be an odd number, but in my own experience, 90% of the instances on which Soundcloud has banned me for copyright infringement had a topic that was known early or second.

This does not imply that the songs at the end of a session will automatically result in copyright issues, but it is conceivable that it’s music analyzing tool does not analyze all of the material to save time and money. If you know a song may cause you problems, place it at the end; perhaps you’ll be fortunate and not “caught.”

copyright issues on Soundcloud

3. The names of your files are crucial for Soundcloud

If you use well-known artists’ music to create remixes, Soundcloud considers the name you provide them. If you make a mashup of a Rolling Stones song, for example, Soundcloud will first analyze the song and then check to see whether you have followed the copyright.

Unfortunately at this point we can do very little about it, just delete the name of the artist and leave only the title of the song, although this strategy would be useless if Soundcloud recognizes the song through its algorithm.

4. Three strikes and Soundcloud deletes your account

Strikes on Soundcloud work the same as on YouTube, if you repeatedly violate Soundcloud’s policy, the platform will notify you by email that you have a strike. If you receive three warnings, Soundcloud automatically closes your account and you will not be able to establish another one with the same name.

The more strikes you have, the more “vigilant” Soundcloud becomes about the files you submit. So if you have a strike or two, consider your posting strategy because you may be in Soundcloud’s crosshairs.

Three strikes and Soundcloud deletes your account

5. Do not upload your entire collection at once

With our increasingly widespread fiber optic connections in Spain, it is very simple and tempting to post a lot of music on Soundcloud in one day. However, it is best to space out these uploads since Soundcloud’s “tracks” are designed to identify accounts that suddenly become very active.

If you have no copyright concerns and your material is your own, nothing happens; but if Soundcloud deletes many files or notifies you of a violation, it’s best to stop uploading content for a while.

It’s best to upload one file per week, according to Soundcloud pirate profiles, who upload a lot of music at once. If it deletes their account, they create another with a different name and republish a lot of content. In the end, everything becomes a kind of mouse and cat game in which, as always, the user is the great victim.

upload your entire collection


Knowing these tips and taking them into account is probably not going to solve all the copyright problems you have or have had on Soundcloud, but it may reduce them significantly.

On the other hand, with the rapid change in copyright policies at Soundcloud mainly due to the pressure exerted by record companies in this regard, it is possible that within a while some or even all of the advice presented here will be of little use.

I’d want to hear your “tricks” for avoiding copyright difficulties when uploading music to Soundcloud, as well as any ideas you may have for assisting other DJs and producers avoid this nauseating beverage.

Note: At TecnologiaDJ.com we support the copyright and fair consideration that creators should receive for their work. This article at no time is intended to encourage piracy and illegal use of any musical work.

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