5 Reasons SEO Is Important to Every Business

SEO or search engine optimization is more than a trend. It’s an investment in the present and future success of your business. No matter how large or small your company or what products or services you offer, SEO is essential for the following reasons.

Organic Search Is a Primary Source of Traffic

Most website visits do not come from people looking to purchase an item. Rather, they come from people searching for information.

For example, someone planning to paint their living room is not as likely to use the Internet to find paint as they will to find guidance. They’ll likely search for topics such as, “What paint colors look best in kitchens?” or “What supplies do I need to paint my living room?” When you’ve optimized your website with valuable information, searchers are much more likely to visit.

It Provides Long-Term Results

SEO is not a limited-time approach. It helps you build a presence online. As time goes by and you gain more attention, that presence grows. Blog posts and other SEO tactics you use one year can still be effective years down the line.

It’s Cost-Effective

SEO is a very cost-effective method for marketing your business. It costs little to nothing outside of time and energy. The biggest cost can often come from outsourcing to a Tampa Bay SEO company. However, the ROI can be astronomical.

Organic Results Are More Trusted

Most people are not fans of paid ads. They’ll typically scroll right past them on the Google search results page – straight down to the organic results. People tend to trust websites that are giving away valuable information more than those that are immediately asking for something.

It Puts You In Front of a Larger Audience

Paid ads allow you to get in front of specific people, which is great for targeted ads. However, SEO can put you in front of people you aren’t even aware of – giving you access to a whole new market.

Imagine that your company sells planners and that your target market is professional women. Your paid ads would target that group of women.

If your website includes tips for getting and staying organized in your career, moms who work from home might find your website, appreciate your guidance, and buy your planner. Up to this point, you had not realized that this market would be interested in your product, but your SEO efforts have made you aware. You can now choose to expand or adjust your target market, increasing your sales.

While paid ads can be beneficial, putting your time and effort into ranking for organic search will typically provide better and longer-lasting results. Start implementing SEO tactics today to experience the benefits for years to come.

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