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17 Web Design and Development Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

While web designing and development is a daunting task but to establish a well-establish website, a designer needs to have a keen eye on the latest trends and innovations in the field, as technology is at its highest peak with continuous development and evolving. Sometimes designers like writers face creative slowdown or “creative/writer block” while lacking ideas and inspiration.

To work out things easier for the designers and developers, here is the list of the 17 best web design and development blogs you should follow in 2021. These blogs are a great way of inspiration to help you with new creative ideas.

Web Design and Development blogs

Top 17 Web Design and Development Blogs

Smashing Magazine 

According to website design and development company smashing magazine are the best website design and development blog that is popular for providing high-quality content articles about all the aspects of web designing like graphics, typography, and CSS.

Moreover, on smashing magazine, you are allowed to operate plugins and templates, ever you can post a different question regarding your query to seek help from fellow or veertan designers.

Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot is also the best website design and development blog that provides daily updates on web designing. It publishes the latest news and updates resources that are handy and resourceful for web designers and developers. Moreover, by subscribing to the newsletter, you get complete access to informative posts regularly.

Besides, it provides detailed, informative articles on web designing to better learn about web designing, user experience, freelancing, and further. You can access mockups, templates, different fonts, creative and unique icons, and much other stuff.

Mockplus Blog

Mockup blog is considered one of the most famous and popular blog networks for website design and development. It has some unique features and functionality that make it exceptional. It provides the latest UI and UX design, inspiration, and templates to keep designers up-to-date with the latest updates.

Moreover, they publish several posts weekly to keep you updated; besides, web designing and collaboration it offers to share web design trends and popular prototyping toolkit.

Webdesign Ledger

Webdesign ledger is the best website design and development blog that allows all web designers to take advantage of it. It provides articles for various subjects that are important in the learning of web designing, such as UI, graphics, web design, and web development. In the web design and development sections, there are five categories that you should check out.

Two sections are about inspiration and interviews with well-establish web designers and developers, learn and explore from those interviews to succeed in your field.

A-List Apart

Like its name, A List Apart is exclusive and unusual from the rest of the website blog network. It’s well-known for its high-quality articles and web styles. Unlike traditional design sites or blogs, it provides a wide range of reports to explore the design, development, and web content, focusing on best web practices, content strategy, graphic design, accessibility, user research and experience, and many more.

Hacking UI

Hacking UI is a website design and development blog recommended by a website design and development company, especially for designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. As the team of web designee founds it, this blog offers a different perspective and thoughts regarding podcasts, forum, and newsletter.

Inspired Magazine

The inspired magazine is the most significant source of inspiration for web designers and developers; it offers pretty simple layouts and templates. But you have to purchase the magazine to have access to the articles.

Webdesign Tuts+

Its sole objective is to help you learn about creative skills and make money from these skills. It’s the best site for beginners to learn and explore.


Like its name, it offers drop-dead web design ideas; its sole objective is to provide high-quality tutorials and guides and valuable content for designers.

It starts as a web design gallery, but over time, it becomes an amazing site for designers to share thoughts and ideas, tutorials. If you are lack ideas, you give a shot to designbomb.


Designmodo is also a website design and development blog created by web designers, especially site designers and developers, and non-tech users. The site offers variable articles covering important segments about web designing. Moreover, it has different tutorials and the latest news and updates about web design trends and techniques.

Web Designer Wall

Web designer wall was founded in 2007, August Toronto-based network; it’s a web design and development blog that many magazines have recognized and featured due to its quality content and designs. Otis one of the best site preferred by many people due to its superior design and its trend. Moreover, it offers an impressive tutorial for coding and other stuff.

Design Shack

Design shack is a website design blog founded in 2003, primarily for designers; it provides a great range of web design and development and business-related content. Moreover, you can access valuable tips and suggestions on web design to make your work easy and simple.


Onextrapixel is another best example of a website design and development blog; this Singapore-based network objective is to provide valuable and resourceful content for design and development.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will have access to unique and latest stuff, and it’s a special feature that offers case studies based on trial-and-error web designs. You should add this site network to your list for sure.


CSS-Trick is the web design blog wholly created and managed by Chris Coyer and a well-establish team. It is an essential resource for front-end developers or start-ups. This should be the first choice for you. The best part of the site is the blog’s creator that offers content that drives you to the best learning process.

1st Web Designer

1st web designer is the ideal choice suggested by website design and development company as it helps designers establish a well-constructed and robust website. The team of 1st web designers launches an excellent range of quality articles regarding every essential subject of web designing such as UI and UX design, graphic designing, programming, and furthermore.  Moreover, it also provides a tutorial for a better user experience to help you while web designing.


Codrops is a choice for a web design and development blog that offers articles and tutorials about the latest trends of web designing and development and design techniques. There is a large team of codrops that delivers useful and creative content free of cost.

Design You Trust 

The design you trust is one of the best web design and development blog; it is unique and creative as its exclusively revolves on web designing. If you are a web designer, this site offers you to seek a glimpse of other designers outside of your field. Moreover, it provides you to have a thorough look at the latest trends and design approaches.


Web design and development blogs are the best technique for designers to learn and explore about latest trends and developments. We hope this article would be useful to grow your career in web designing.

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