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12 Amazing Applications of Java – Java Used in The Real World

The fact is not even an inch surprising that Java is ruling the IT universe. Since Java’s development in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, it has become the backbone, considering tons of applications out there in this cutthroat competition.

As per Oracle (that lately succeeded Java from Sun), claims that nearly three billion devices use Java for development processes regardless of their platform base that comprises UNIX, Android, Mac OS, Windows, etc.

You can even find the use of Java in different fields that not just surrounds embedded systems but even encompasses enterprise solutions. So, without any doubt, Java has nothing to prove as it has already made its distinctive mark.

In recent times, Java, with such immense popularity, has been acclaimed being one of the most extensively used programming languages that are emerging speedily in the software era.

Moreover, we usually find an abundance of applications based on Java which you find in almost every industry, whether you look at mobile, web, or app development, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and so much more.

So, here in this section, we will discuss in detail the applications of Java.

1. Amazing Desktop GUI Applications

Because of its versatility, the Java language offers you great features that help developers create interactive GUI applications. Additionally, Java offers Java Foundation Classes, Swing API, AWT, or the latest JavaFX.

Such APIs help you develop excellent GUI applications with the latest technology, which is chosen by 3D or tree-based graphical applications.

The desktop tools of real-world are developed using Java Language, including:

  • ThinkFree
  • Acrobat Reader

2. Top-class Web Applications

Talking further about the essential applications of Java, it offers features for Spring, JSPs, Hibernate, Struts, Servlets, along with parts for web development that allow you to develop secure and user-friendly programming software.

  • Amazon, Wayfair
  • Broadleaf

These are some of the crucial real-world web tools that use Java.

3. Mobile Applications

The Java language offers a key J2ME feature, a cross-platform framework used for building mobile applications that efficiently work on feature phones and Java-supported smartphones.

Moreover, Android is one of the most demanding mobile operating systems and is developing using Android SDK, which is Java-based.

Latest And Trending Java-Based Mobile Apps:

  • Tinder
  • Netflix
  • Uber

4. Enterprise Applications

Unquestionably, Java is the developer’s first choice when it comes to developing enterprise programs, and it’s primarily due to impressive features that deliver top-notch performance.

Besides performance parameters, Java, with its wide range of popularity, makes apps much more secure, easily scalable, and robust.

Furthermore, Java language holds JEE, i.e., Java Enterprise Edition platform that composes best environment features and API for scripting purposes alongside best network tools, running enterprise software, plus web series.

As per Oracle, approximately 97 percent of enterprise computers use Java language for effective working.

In addition to this, the faster and higher performance computing offered by Java interestingly resulted in the majority of enterprise apps developed using Java.

The above are some real-time significant enterprise applications using Java.

5. Trending Scientific Applications

Java is jam-packed with robustness and robust security, making it the king of programming languages for developing various scientific apps.

Also, the language offers great mathematical calculations that provide identical results on distinct platforms.

MatLab is the most popular Java-based scientific tool.

6. Web & Applications Servers

The complete Java ecosystem includes endless web servers and applications in today’s time.

In the pool of web servers, you have Rimfaxe Web Server (RWS), Project Jigsaw, Apache Tomcat, Jo!, and more that rule the software world.

Like application servers such as WebLogic, JBoss, WebSphere, and more, it perfectly controls the industry commercially.

7. Proficient Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are surely the low-level systems that result in forming a bigger electromechanical system.

Moreover, these are tiny processors, chips, and even known as Integrated systems.

Java even has the mastery in producing solid tools that seamlessly manage application exceptions excellently and is simply way fast as it has got better features for the development of low-level programs.

Here’s a look at the embedded system apps using one and only Java:

  • Blue-Ray Disc Player
  • SIM Cards Making Use of Java Technology

8. Server Apps In Financial Sector

Financial organizations such as banks and investors require different software programs for exemplary execution to their daily business, including back and front office computerized trading systems, data processing, confirmation systems, writing settlement, and more.

Moreover, Java is mainly used for such tools for writing server-side apps that acknowledge data from a single server, process it, and transmit the processed data to various other servers.

The majority of top-rated financial organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Citi Group, Barclays, and many more use Java-based software tools to run their business effortlessly.

9. Software Tools

Several software tools are written in Java for development. Let’s say IDEs including IntelliJ IDEA, Net Beans, and Eclipse are written as well as developed in Java.

Also, today, these are undoubtedly some well-known desktop GUI-based tools. And for developing software, features like JavaFX have become immensely popular.

10. Trading Applications

Murex is a popular trading app mainly used in several banks for bank connectivity and is written in Java.

11. J2ME Apps

Other than Android and iOS based mobile handsets, J2ME handsets from Samsung and Nokia use J2ME, and it even receives great popularity with products such as Set-Top Boxes, Cards, Blu-Ray, and more.

Additionally, Whatsapp that you find on Nokia is there in J2ME.

12. Big Data Technologies

Big Data has attained the most popular name recently as it’s a trending topic in the software sector. Also, it smartly deals with monitoring and systematically drawing out significant information from intricate data sets.

Moreover, an open framework having a crucial connection with Big Data is known as Hadoop. And this framework is wholly written in Java.

In addition to this, features such as stack provision system, automatic garbage collection, and memory distribution, Java stands tall among various other competing technologies.

Thus, it won’t be unfair to declare Java as Big Data’s future.

  • Apache HBase
  • Accumulo
  • Hadoop
  • ElasticSearch

These are the Java-based big data technology types in the real-time world.


As discussed, Java is the most prominent language in the software race. At Narola infotech, we have years of experience delivering standout Java software development services. Moreover, we are a top Java web application development company that never fails to impress its clients not with its fascinating words but with its 100% transparent, satisfied, and high-performance work.

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