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Digital Marketing

10 Effective Strategies for Finding New Customers

 Effective Strategies for Finding New Customers : Not to mention the ugly capitalist companies that aim for growth at all costs, all companies, associations, organizations lose customers each year (10% according to the Harvard Business Review): they have found better or cheaper elsewhere, they have moved or the key under the door… It is therefore vital to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the company’s effective strategies for   finding new customers . In this article, we give you 10 effective strategies for finding new customers.

1: Make yourself known to your personas

It may seem obvious, but before recruiting an army of cold-callers on an offshore telephone platform, invest heavily in consumer advertising; clearly define your targets: your personas (link). Who is your offer aimed at? What problem(s) are you solving? What type of customer are you targeting? CSP? What geographical area? The more specific your offer will be, the more optimized your advertising spend will be, and the more new customers you will sign.


2: Maintain your social networks daily

Having a Facebook page to do like everyone else, or because your competitor has one is a good start , as is having a LinkedIn business page . 

In either case, you have lost the ability to start a conversation with the barge. Not maintaining your networks is a bit like not maintaining your window, your point of sale: do not clean the windows for months, let your plants die: no one will push your front door.

Bring your networks to life, exchange with your community of fans and subscribers : share with them content that interests them, promotional offers that are worth it, organize contests to grow and qualify your database.

Your “ community management ” will only be effective if you are constant, regular, invested. And this also applies to the next point.

3: Create a website and optimize its referencing

Because a Facebook page will not replace a website on which you can do what you want (or almost). It is important to have a “mobile-friendly” website because today it is from their smartphone that your future customers are looking for you.

Today, if you are not present on the internet, you do not exist . If we want to be teased, have a non-referenced website or not have one at all, it’s almost the same.

You trusted your son-in-law’s cousin, or an agency that developed an entirely personalized site for you that cost you the GDP .

It is therefore important to design your site in accordance with good natural referencing or SEO (link) practices. Anyone can do paid referencing on Google Ads (a credit card is enough), but you will be displayed for the duration of your campaign and disappear. Think long term: optimize your content, your pages, your nonlinking and the authority of your domain.

4: Create a blog on your site to prove your credibility

Its  one of the best way from Effective Strategies for Finding New Customers , With rare exceptions, a site without a blog is not a site. At a minimum, it’s a storefront, and at best, an e-commerce site that hums and converts your visitors into customers while on vacation .

According to Wikipedia , and many other publications that have copied the variants that can also be found on different sites.

Your site must be designed so that Internet users can quickly find the information, product or service they are looking for . This organization should not be disturbed by your news and promotions. Optimize your user journey so that they contact you and place an order or request a quote, a trial, an appointment. Do not mix news, expert articles and product sheets.

Your company ‘s blog is the journal in which you can publish content that interests your audiences at each stage of the customer journey, announce product launches. Not only will this allow you to be better referenced by search engines, but this one can prove your legitimacy . Do not tell your prospects that you are the best: prove it with expert articles, frequent and interesting publications.

5: Capitalize on customer loyalty

In Effective Strategies for Finding New Customers Capitalize on customer loyalty is more important.

Acquiring new customers is expensive, very expensive . Once these hard-earned customers are in your portfolio, don’t leave them to go prospect hunting again. Pamper them, set up a loyalty program or at least a system to stay close to them and their concerns, while offering them additional, complementary products or services from time to time.

We hear in all our Customer Meetings “ Yes, but with us it’s different, it won’t work like with your other customers

A prospect is difficult to convince, but when he becomes a client , you enter another dimension: he expects the red carpet to be rolled out for him , he expects preferential treatment , unforgettable customer experience . He trusted you and now expects something in return: faster handling of his orders or complaints, special offers, private sales, comprehensive and reachable after-sales service.

6: Take care of your testimonials and customer reviews

As we have just seen, your current customers will easily be able to convince their loved ones. Okay, it may be that these steps are not totally altruistic and that your customers refer their uncles, grandmothers or their best friends because it allows them to benefit from 15% on their next order thanks to the sponsorship program that you have set up, but the purpose is the same.

A recommendation from a loved one is extremely effective, but it can also come from complete strangers . How ? Thanks to the publication of customer reviews  on your site, your Facebook page and your Google My Business page.

If you are in B2B , the testimony of a peer can be important. If you are in B2C , allowing your customers to rate the products purchased or their experience following one of their orders can also reassure the prospect.

7: Optimize your customer appointments

After 11 months, 78 calls and 37 e-mails, you have finally managed to get an appointment with company that your Sales Department has been courting since the 80s.

Don’t spoil everything , prepare your appointment : select the offers best suited to the needs and problems of your prospect. Contact your general or commercial management to find out your negotiation margin, the terms and clauses that you can accept.

8: Educate your sales staff

Optimizing a customer meeting can be learned . Either in specialized books or on expert blogs . For training to be effective, it must be adapted to your activity, personalized for your sales teams. You will have to identify areas for improvement and involve training organizations to raise your team’s skills .

It will all depend on the different individual needs of your teams, but you can upskill them on:

  • The search for information: is the prospect you are going to canvas a good “fit” with regard to your offer? Do the people contacted have real decision-making power?
  • Their sales tool : optimize the time spent on administrative tasks to free up time “to sell”
  • Social selling : social networks are not only used to share your holiday photos, they can also allow you to build relationships with professionals in your sector. 25 years ago you had to use tricks to bypass the executive assistant and reach a decision-maker. Now you can contact him directly via LinkedIn.

9: Have your products and services tested for free

Ok, we’re going from rooster to donkey, but this strategy can be useful, once you have implemented all the strategies mentioned above, and if your activity allows it.

Let’s say you are in “the service”: offer your prospects to test the service for a week or a month . From a customer experience point of view: this allows prospects interested in what you offer to be able to try the requested service. Generally, if you haven’t deployed an app full of bugs, convince the user and push them through settlement.

You launch a new yogurt flavor, a new packaging, offer samples in supermarkets, offer tasting.

10: Call on prescribers / influencers

Let’s finish on the subject a little “hype” of the moment: to appeal to influencers or prescribers. If your activity allows it, try to get in touch with prescribers, offer them products. And if they’re happy, they might talk about it on their own.

Latest trending topic: “influencers”. Ask about “Instagram stars”, “Snapchat” or “’TikTok”, growing Facebook pages.  

Whatever your objective: growth or survival in an increasingly complex market, it is important to find new customers; without neglecting your current customers. A complete sales strategy is based on winning new customers, but also on reducing the attrition rate and increasing the repurchase rate.

Questions about setting up an effective business strategy? 

If you are looking for an effective partner to support your digital marketing project, Digital Marketing Lahore,  the agency will give you complete satisfaction.

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