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10 Best Technology To Child-Friendly, 5 Tech You Should Uninstall

10 Best Technology To Child-Friendly, 5 Tech You Should Uninstall

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about. What technology might be a good idea to keep your children entertained. From streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to apps like Minecraft and App Store games. There’s no shortage of ways to keep kids busy. But which technologies are the best for keeping children safe and ?
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Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting is a style in which the child is attach. To one or more parents or primary caregivers. It has been describe as a way of providing stability and security for children. It can seen as the opposite of helicopter parenting. Wherein one parent monitors and oversees their child’s every move. While there are many different attachment parenting styles, some common elements. Include frequent communication, regular overnight visits, and generous physical touch.
While attachment parenting may be best suited for some families, certain technologies. May be better avoided if you want your child to develop strong relationships with you. And other family members. Here are five techs you should uninstall. If you want your child to develop strong attachments:
1) Cell phone screens: A 2006 study published in The Journal of Pediatrics. Found that cell phone use during infancy increases the risk for negative. Social interaction anxiety, oppositional behavior, bed-wetting, and tantrums. While it’s okay to give your baby their cell phone when they start walking. And talking (and even later on), it’s important to keep screens out of their. Reach until they’re old enough to understand the dangers involved.
2) iPad and other tablet devices: These devices allow children to access many videos, games. And apps that can be very dangerous when they’re not supervised. For example, an iPad app called “Peppa Piggy Jump”. Features cartoon characters jumping off cliffs without any warning

-Apps for Babies, Kids, and Parents

1. Many apps are designe with babies in mind. But even parents can find helpful tools. Our favorite app for parents is Goodnight Moon: sunset, moonrise. And stars projections onto your child’s nursery ceiling help them fall asleep faster.
2. Apps designed for kids abound. Trom those that teach basic counting skills to ones that introduce them to coding. We especially love A Wild Animal Adventures!. An educational game that lets children identify different types of animals. While tracking their movements across a 3-D environment.
3. Apps can also be helpful for parents who have trouble separating work and home life. The corporate espionage simulation game Omni Corporation allows you to control employees. While trying to steal valuable secrets from your competitors.
4. Finally, apps are a great way to entertain kids on rainy days or during boring family gatherings. Turn on cartoons or choose from a variety of games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja

5 Tech You Should Uninstall

You should uninstall a few tech items to make your home more . Here are five:
1. Adult Websites
Many websites feature adult content, and it sometimes needs. To be clarifie whether they’re meant for adults or children. Uninstall any sites that you don’t recognize or trust.
2. Gaming Consoles
Gaming consoles can be fun but also a source of temptation for kids. Who might want to play games without parental supervision. If your kid already has a gaming console, try to limit its use to family games. Or approved channels so that it’s less accessible .
3. Social Media Sites
Social media sites have become important communication tools for families and groups. But many contain explicit content and coarse language that can disturb young children. If your child uses social media, clear their history on every site before you go offline. So they don’t stumble across anything they shouldn’t see.
4. Streaming Services Like Netflix and Hulu Plus
These streaming services often include explicit content. That may not be suitable for young viewers. If you’re considering subscribing to either of these services, consider whether. The content will be appropriate for your child before making a decision.
5. Mobile Apps
Many mobile apps have unclear age restrictions, which can lead. To accidental viewing of inappropriate material by kids who use it . Check the app store ratings (look

Recommendations For Downloading Swagbucks App

If you’re looking for technology, uninstall the Swagbucks app. This app is fill with ads and has little to no educational value. The only redeeming quality of this app is that it earns you points which can be redeem for rewards. But , we recommend steering clear of the Swagbucks app.


As technology marches on, finding ways to keep. Or kids engaged and entertained becomes important. While plenty of great tools can make our lives easier. Some might be better avoided altogether if we want to safeguard our kids’ safety and privacy. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 10 tech products best suited for children aged 6-12. But be sure to read the full reviews before making any decisions!
The following items were includ in this article:
1. LeapFrog Scout
2. 123D Catch
3. VTechExplorer Scientific Toolbox
4. Kid Pixit Camera
5. Paw Patrol Chase & Soar Play Set
6. Hatchimals Play Pack
7. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure
8. Fisher-Price Smart Cycle Battery powered ride-on toy for kids aged 4-8 years old9. LEGO Ninjago Nya Overlord Battle Arena21099 pieces10. Disney Frozen Olaf’s Snowy Rescue Play Set

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